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Carli O'Connor holding Jessica and Bryan O'Connor with Bella

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Lucky Cat

24th Apr, 2017
True or false: black cats are bad luck? True… if you’re a black cat. Sadly, this kind of myth is responsible for thousands of these beauties being last on the list of adoptions, along with tortoiseshell, calico, and senior felines who also fall prey to myths and perceptions. more

Cats in the shadows

27th Mar, 2017
You’re just leaving the shopping mall when you glimpse a graceful feline form slinking between the parked cars towards some dumpsters. You stop and see a small cat crouched in the shadows, watching you with huge, wild-looking eyes. Wanting a closer look, you approach but, with a flick of its elegant tail, the feral cat is gone before you can even blink. more

Hand In Paw

27th Feb, 2017
There’s nothing like an animal’s companionship to lift the spirits. They are non-judgemental, accepting, and their love is unconditional. They can help us immeasurably when we’re ill, be it physically or mentally. That’s why they’re increasingly forming an important part of healing treatment for people of all ages: Animal-assisted Therapy. more

Home Free

30th Jan, 2017
When mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent (aka Superman) dashes into a handy phone booth and we spot that flash of blue and red, we all know a superhero is on his way. But did you know that real superheroes walk among us? What lies beneath their everyday appearance isn’t a cape or costume; it is a heart big and strong enough to save – and love – many. more

My precious dog, Kylie, has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. This has been an extremely stressful and overwhelming experience for both of us. more


30th Jul, 2019
What is Spondylosis, you ask? Let me start by explaining the normal spine. more


28th May, 2019
What happens when a dog is in season? A normal, unspayed dog goes through hormonal cycles. While the dog’s in heat (this generally happens twice a year), the female is receptive to mating. more

My dog Daisy has severe halitosis (smelly doggy-breath) and has been booked in at my vet next week for a dental descale/polish (and possibly some extractions). more

Page 4 of 11, 102 articles found. Displaying: 31-40