Happy Tales

Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Adorable Ollie came to African Tails with his sister when they were just six weeks old. Ollie’s original name was “Luigi”, and from the beginning we could see that he was just the sweetest little soul... ...read more

Barkly’s New Life

11th Oct, 2019
In June this year, my partner, Dee Donaldson, and I were devastated by the death of our beloved cockapoo, Paddington. We’d had a unique bond, and his death – although somewhat anticipated at his advanced age – left a huge hole in our hearts and in our home. ...read more

The Treasured Trio

9th Oct, 2019
The three GAPs (more on why they have this name later!) have changed my life in a miraculous way. On the first day I saw the three of them I was determined to nurture them, to heal them, and to make them feel loved. Little did I know that they’d do all that for me too. ...read more

When Karin Watling, co-founder of The Sasha Fund, saw Billy the Hound on the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Facebook page, she knew he was something special. Karin shares Billy’s story with Happy Tales. ...read more


25th Sep, 2019
Late in June 2016, the Louis Trichardt SPCA Inspector, Lawrence Khodobo, was informed of a stray dog that was often seen scavenging for food at a local convenience store. ...read more

Bella, my princess

20th Sep, 2019
On the 15th of July I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed and stopped at a post of D.A.W. “Dead Animals Walking” – I don’t even have them on my Facebook as a group, but this post appeared on my wall for some reason. ...read more

Coffee Cat’s Story

18th Sep, 2019
Coffee Cat’s story is one of courage, faith, determination, and love! It’s also nothing short of a miracle. ...read more

A New Home for Nova

13th Sep, 2019
In early June, I came across a Facebook post that featured a beautiful wire-haired dog called Nova. He was being treated in May by a private vet after sustaining terrible bite wounds from a larger dog who lived on the same street. ...read more

The morning of the 3rd of July started like any other Gauteng winter’s day: a bit chilly and with a normal working day stretching ahead. It didn’t continue like any other normal winter’s day! ...read more

Darling Daan

6th Sep, 2019
When my nine-year-old boy, Max, sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2018, I noticed that three-year-old Bella kept searching for him. I told her I’d fix her sadness and find her another brother. ...read more

Page 1 of 32, 312 articles found. Displaying: 1-10