Mike Murphy wins hearts

6th Feb, 2019

Written by Tara McGovern, Cape of Good Hope SPCA Communications & Resource Development

Professional photography by Hey Doggo

At the end of November 2018, our team encountered a very special little stray that needed our help.

Little Mike Murphy, as he was called, came to us with his tiny back paws painfully squashed from an unknown injury. He was such a young and defenceless kitten, and we had no idea how he’d been injured in this way.

Dr Este was determined to offer Mike Murphy a chance and made the decision to amputate some of his toes. After a successful surgery, he was lovingly cared for by our adoption team, Chanel and Michelle. They carefully changed his bandages every day, so his wounds were kept dry. Mike Murphy still needed to complete a course of antibiotics, and only once he was 100% recovered were we able to place him up for adoption.

Then the most wonderful thing happened: an amazing couple saw his little face and knew then and there that Mike Murphy was the kitten for them. To add even more happiness to the day, Mike was adopted together with his tabby sister, Bella!

Thank you to everyone who gave this little life a second chance.

Duncan McIntosh, Michael Botha and Lizare Danzfuss, Mike Murphy and Bella’s new owners, share…

Having recently moved into our first house, the three of us embarked on a mission to make our house a home. Popping into the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and wandering into Room Five, we came across a bundle of energy and joy: a kitten named Mike Murphy.

Filled with excitement, we completed the application forms and, in very little time, took him and his sister, Bella, home.

Our two kittens have brought warmth and playfulness into our house – there’s nothing quite like being welcomed home from work by a tumble of excited paws leaping down the stairs.

Mike Murphy’s fighting spirit has matched our family perfectly, and bringing the kittens into our lives has definitely made our house a home.