Rescued by Knox

30th Jan, 2019

Written by Sandy Clifton, Adoptions – African Tails

Professional photography by Zoey Furtography (

Knox is a Maltese Poodle X who was rescued from Mamre during one of our mass sterilisation drives. Neglected and unhappy, Knox had been bitten by another dog. Our African Tails staff, of course, took him in and whisked him towards the prospect of a better life.

But that better life turned out to be even better than any of us could’ve hoped for.

Once his injuries had healed, Knox went into foster care, adored and cared for by his loving foster mother. But as time went on, the promise of a new home seemed to dim. We couldn’t understand why someone hadn’t snapped up this sweet, obedient and handsome little guy.

All good things, however, come to those who wait.

Knox’s wait came to a swift end when I received a surprisingly emotional phone call from Roy Kendall. Roy told me that: “as soon as I saw Knox’s picture, I started crying... I feel an immediate personal connection to him, before I have even met him.”

I sprang into action and quickly arranged a meeting between Roy and Knox. This was one possible adoption that was just meant to be. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Knox now lives a luxurious life with Roy, enjoying the love, affection and attention he always deserved. They enjoy daily walks along the beach together, and Knox’s life of sadness and hunger is long forgotten.

Roy tells us about the first time he met Knox:

“I went and met Knox and he seems to have had some hard knocks in life, including one blind eye. I would love the opportunity to make his final years golden.”

And Roy shared a little insight into how he and Knox spend their days:

“We go to the beach every morning and sometimes we go for a walk around the block in the afternoons. He is with me 24/7 as I now work from home permanently. He barks at our neighbour’s dogs every chance he gets and sits by me while I work. He is God’s most gentle creation and I love him.... Knox is getting better with every day, and I realise a lot of things are a struggle for him, but with patience he accepts every challenge. He is a survivor and my little hero. I am glad I listened to and adopted a rescue. Every morning I get what I call a ‘Knoxxie Love’. It’s his way of hugging, and it is like being hugged by a gummi bear. As I keep saying, I think Knox rescued me.”