6th Jun, 2018

Written by Nouli Kousiakis

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

It’s the most used word in my vocabulary on a daily basis (my neighbours will attest to this!). This special pup is the first thing I see (and hear) when I get home from work – waiting by the door with all the love and affection he’s saved up all day for me.

Oliver is my adorable (not so baby) baby boy who came into my life when I didn’t think it would be possible to feel this much love again. And, so, I just can’t help exclaiming “Oliver!” every time I see him.

One of a kind

When I first adopted Oliver from Pawesome Wacky Whiskers Rescue and Rehoming in Pretoria, he was this tiny little mixed breed (also known as: “I wonder what actual breed he is!”) pup that was confident but shy to new people.

Needless to say, he’s grown into a spirited, loving, overly inquisitive and slightly “OCD” boy whose love pours from his soul right through his wolf-like eyes.

Oliver has always been a big-statured dog in a medium-size dog’s body and, man, does it show! Those who have met, and know, Oliver know that my boy is a one-of-a-kind, extra-special boy who will make you feel like you’re the most epic human being in the world, just by his presence.

Even when you look at him and you see a tiny version of a “wolf” looking back at you – conversing with you (literally) – what you’re actually getting is a gentle, quirky dog who’s just trying to give you as much love as he can see you need on that day.

He’s smart beyond our wildest dreams!

What am I?

No one ever walks away from spending time with Oliver feeling like they’re not even a little bit better; even if he did try to knock them down whilst jumping on them with extreme excitement. A lover of all kids – he fits right in with them, getting stuck into whatever they’re doing.

As we’ve grown together as a family, Oliver and I, we’ve been asked the same question more times than we care to remember: “Hey, what breed are you?” (Mostly Oliver, not me; but since you’re asking, I’m Greek… pure-bred.)

Eventually, a few years ago, Oliver got fed up with that question and asked me straight up: “Mom, what am I?” (I told you the boy is overly curious.) And that’s the question that’s brought us here today.

Luckily for me, it wasn’t very hard to give my baby boy the answers he deserved.

Oliver’s MuttMix results

            Level 1                        Pekingese

            Level 3                        Chow Chow

            Level 6                        Irish Wolfhound

When I received Oliver’s MuttMix results, it all just came together: part WOLFHOUND. Of course! It completely makes sense, doesn’t it? Just look at him!

Oliver couldn’t be happier now that he knows what his roots are; I can definitely see it in his behaviour and stature. Although his size hasn’t changed, I see more and more in our everyday lives that there’s a wolfhound in there somewhere; loyal, sweet-tempered, thoughtful, generous – yup, that’s my Oliver.

Speaking of – unfortunately I have to end this here; he’s gotten hold of the bananas on the tree again…


P.S. Everyone around me thinks that I rescued him. But the truth is he rescued me!

And a very special thank you to Happy Tails (who highlighted Oliver for me when he was looking for his Forever Home) and MuttMix for making this possible! Truly it’s been the best gift ever.

Dominique of MuttMix says:

Oliver’s results initially reported as only Pekingese and Chow Chow. This obviously raised some curiosity about why he looks like he does, so the laboratory dug a bit further and discovered, hidden way back in his genetic pool, the Wolfhound.

The second we saw that, everything made absolute sense! We always try our best to help our clients (and their parents) to understand just why they look and act the way they do, even if it means running extra tests and digging deeper than normal – our lab is dedicated to understanding mixed breed dogs and we’ll do everything needed to help you understand your mixed breed family member!