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Carli O'Connor holding Jessica and Bryan O'Connor with Bella

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15th Oct, 2019
Willie Richards is a man on a mission. His aim is to prevent neglect and suffering of street dogs and cats. And he’s asking for your help, because he cannot do this alone. more

Pets are part of the family, and it’s always a heartwarming gesture to include them in our adventures, whether it’s a Sunday visit to the park or a seaside holiday. more

Dog bites can be avoided, or at the very least the number of occurrences can be reduced, with this safety programme being offered to local schools by Dogtown SA. more

Day care services in the Western Cape are plentiful; not so much though for the four-legged children. more

The idea of a forum to join animal welfare organisations in discussion came about in 2006. Like-minded welfare groups, particularly those who operated mobile clinics, met informally to discuss the delivery of services within indigent communities. more

Every year, tiny birds of prey known as Amur falcons undertake an arduous migration from their summer breeding grounds in Siberia, China and Mongolia to spend the summer with us in South Africa. more

At the end of January, news reports of a tragic fire affecting the safety over 1000 animals at Purrpaws for Life rang out. Concerned animal lovers immediately rallied around the scene to provide foster homes to the displaced animals. No one was really equipped to burden their already full rescue centres, but a plan had to be made. more

The holistic healing art of kinesiology came into my life as part of my own self-healing journey. I soon realised how powerful this work was after working with people and seeing the resulting changes in their lives. more

Pawsitively Enabled

12th Feb, 2019
Pawsitively Enabled Special Needs Dog Training works exclusively with blind, deaf, and extremely fearful dogs. Pawsitively Enabled aims to: enable special needs dogs to reach their full potential and show families that living with a special needs dog can be fun and not as restrictive as they might think. more

Page 1 of 11, 102 articles found. Displaying: 1-10