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Read more about Degenerative Myelopathy and Lucy's testimonial story here Photograph by Nat Gold ZA

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Hand In Paw

27th Feb, 2017
There’s nothing like an animal’s companionship to lift the spirits. They are non-judgemental, accepting, and their love is unconditional. They can help us immeasurably when we’re ill, be it physically or mentally. That’s why they’re increasingly forming an important part of healing treatment for people of all ages: Animal-assisted Therapy. more

Home Free

30th Jan, 2017
When mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent (aka Superman) dashes into a handy phone booth and we spot that flash of blue and red, we all know a superhero is on his way. But did you know that real superheroes walk among us? What lies beneath their everyday appearance isn’t a cape or costume; it is a heart big and strong enough to save – and love – many. more

Part II of an article about Canine parvovirus, dealing with the treatment. more

The National State of Disaster has been declared by President Ramaphosa on the 15th of March. Since then, regulations have been published detailing what is constituted as essential and non-essential services, and from the 27th of March 2020, South Africa has been on a lockdown. more

Covid-19 is creating widespread panic and fear across the world. more

Canine parvovirus is a viral disease that affects dogs. It was first reported in early 1978. Parvovirus is capable of causing two different sets of clinical problems. more

Vestibular Disease

14th Jan, 2020
You come home from work and suddenly find your dog off balance, with its head to the side, walking in circles. He doesn’t seem excited to see you. more

Your healthy, happy dog is running around, happy as can be, when suddenly one of their legs gives in. more

Page 5 of 13, 121 articles found. Displaying: 41-50