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What’s #DOLO? Well, ask your pet because chances are, they already know. Dogs Only Live Once. ...read more

In association with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA (https://capespca.co.za), atFrits Dog Hotel & Dogcare Centre (https://www.atfrits.com/) started the Cape Town Pet Upliftment Project (CTPUP)... ...read more

Saddle up

26th Jul, 2022
Are there more benefits to saddling up than just having fun and increasing your fitness? ...read more

Bonding Bunnies

21st Jun, 2022
Bunnies are social animals that need the company of others of their kind, plus there are so many looking for forever homes. ...read more


31st May, 2022
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ...read more


5th Apr, 2022
You’re driving along and spot a lone dog wandering beside the road, or you’re relaxing at home when a strange cat yowls at your door. ...read more

My journey as an animal communicator has definitely been inspired by my love of animals and, especially, ...read more

In a country that has an unemployment rate as high as South Africa’s, one is bound to come across poverty each and every day. ...read more

Remember the happy tale of Humphrey, the dog adopted from the SPCA by Umhlanga resident Alwyn Immerman? ...read more

The TEARS Animal Rescue Sleepathon is an animal lover’s dream come true. ...read more

Page 3 of 10, 92 articles found. Displaying: 21-30
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