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“I could NEVER foster a dog; I get too attached and wouldn’t be able to give them up!” This is the response I hear time and time again when someone comments on a dog I’m walking or socialising or taking to the vet when I point out: “S/he’s not mine, I’m just fostering her. She’s available for adoption if you know of anyone who would be interested!” ...read more

For some dogs, a short walk and sniff down the road isn’t enough. Most dogs are incredibly athletic and require physical stimulation in addition to, or to supplement, mental stimulation. Although exercise needs are based on a dog’s age, breed, size and overall health, dogs should spend anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours exercising every day. ...read more

Adopting a small animal is a wonderful, rewarding experience. They’re endearing and entertaining, and can be amazing little family members. If you put in the work and attention to detail that they need to be happy, the results are so worthwhile – for them and you. ...read more

Old dog, new dog

18th Sep, 2017
“To see a dog flourish and bloom into a loving, trusting and trustworthy companion is life-defining. There is nothing better than knowing that you are worthy of his or her love and devotion; you have truly earned their adoration and respect.” Adopting adult or senior pets from animal shelters is a truly wonderful thing to do. It’s also easier than you may think… ...read more

Vesper on Wheels

21st Aug, 2017
I first met “Vesper the Brave” one sunny day at Woodrock Animal Rescue Centre, near Johannesburg. This little black-and-tan mite never lacked attention and she was absolutely adorable. She was also paralysed in her hind legs… ...read more

Home Sweet Home

17th Jul, 2017
You researched, discussed, planned, and picked the perfect pet. But what happens once you bring them home? Will they settle in without a hitch? And what if they don’t? How can you ease their way? When is it time to call in help? Our guide will help you get things off to a great start. ...read more

Does your pet waddle when he walks or have a bulging belly that sways from side to side? Are her ribs buried under so many wobbles that you can’t feel them when you stroke her? Puffs and pants when you head out for a walk? Then, chances are you have an overweight or obese pet. ...read more

Parrots are beautiful birds and can be fun, talkative household companions who entertain us with their antics. But, in order to live happily ever after, doing your homework is crucial... ...read more

Lucky Cat

24th Apr, 2017
True or false: black cats are bad luck? True… if you’re a black cat. Sadly, this kind of myth is responsible for thousands of these beauties being last on the list of adoptions, along with tortoiseshell, calico, and senior felines who also fall prey to myths and perceptions. ...read more

Cats in the shadows

27th Mar, 2017
You’re just leaving the shopping mall when you glimpse a graceful feline form slinking between the parked cars towards some dumpsters. You stop and see a small cat crouched in the shadows, watching you with huge, wild-looking eyes. Wanting a closer look, you approach but, with a flick of its elegant tail, the feral cat is gone before you can even blink. ...read more

Page 9 of 10, 92 articles found. Displaying: 81-90
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