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28th May, 2019
What happens when a dog is in season? A normal, unspayed dog goes through hormonal cycles. While the dog’s in heat (this generally happens twice a year), the female is receptive to mating. more

My dog Daisy has severe halitosis (smelly doggy-breath) and has been booked in at my vet next week for a dental descale/polish (and possibly some extractions). more

Kennel Cough

29th Jan, 2019
We went away over the Christmas period and boarded our dog Harvey at the local kennels. He needed to be up to date with his regular vaccinations, and he also had to be vaccinated against kennel cough. more

Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) is commonly called bloat, but this is not just a case of “feeling bloated” as you would after a heavy meal; this is a very serious, life-threatening condition that requires immediate intervention by a veterinary practitioner. more


26th Jul, 2018
Pancreatitis can present in either a mild form or have life-threatening consequences and is a commonly encountered condition in both cats and dogs. more

One day, out of the blue, your cat struggles to get up; her hind quarters are paralysed, her paws are ice-cold. She’s panting heavily, struggling to breathe, and when you go to pick her up, she cries in pain. It’s a nightmare scenario for any cat lover. more

Listeria Hysteria

22nd Mar, 2018
Listeriosis has recently been all over the news, with widespread concern about the source of the infection. But what many people don’t realise is that this potentially serious infection can affect our pets too. more

Is your dog or cat suddenly urinating in strange places (like on your bed or the couch) or inside the house when it’s never done so before? Or are they dribbling urine as they walk or lie down? Perhaps there’s blood in their urine or they look like they’re straining or struggling to pee. more

Warts and all…

13th Feb, 2018
I’m trying not to be a doggy owner that takes my pooch to the vet for every little wart, but I also don’t want to leave things that could be serious. more

When we decided to test Grace for service dog work, the staff laughed at us and said: “Huh? Crazy Grace?! Are you sure?” But there was something special about this little dog that I just loved… more

Page 4 of 6, 57 articles found. Displaying: 31-40
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