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Fishy business

24th Oct, 2017
My four Cocker Spaniels (a four-year-old and three seniors over 12 years of age) are all in good to reasonable health and a good, lean weight. They’re on vet-quality food, which they get wet or dry mixed with rice and chicken/mince, and they also get vegetables, fruit, yoghurt and supplements. They get limited treats and I never give them bones. more

To vaccinate or not

26th Jun, 2017
We adopted a puppy from a rescue organisation earlier this year and although she is due for her last puppy vaccination soon, we would like to know more about the vaccination regime going forwards. more

Tummy Troubles

4th Apr, 2017
My 11-year-old German Shepherd-Canadian Wolf Dog, Balto, has been struggling with bouts of runny tummy, and there have been traces of blood in his stool. He is prone to eating sticks and pine cones from the garden, which also can’t be helping matters. He has been diagnosed as suffering from Colitis... more

Managing Mange

2nd Feb, 2017
I’d like to adopt a puppy, but apparently she has mange, which is being treated at the shelter. They say there will be some after-care required. I would like to give her the best possible care but am uncertain what this involves. What causes mange, and is it contagious to my other animals? And could the mange return? more

I recently adopted four little rescued feral kittens who were posted on Facebook as looking for Forever Homes – possibly to be homed together. Having been saved from a shopping centre roof, my heart just melted and I immediately offered them a home. While travel arrangements were kindly being made to get them to me, they developed snuffles, but were fortunately successfully treated by their vet. more

We noticed recently that our adopted 10-year-old Border Collie limps if she plays too hard or goes on long walks. After a thorough vet check, she has been diagnosed with arthritis; fortunately, her health is otherwise excellent – it seems this is due to her age. As advised by our vet, she takes arthritis supplements, and we’re looking into moving her onto a joint-specific dog food which our vet recommended. She really loves her walks… more

With low-carbohydrate and Banting diets gaining popularity, xylitol has become popular as a sugar substitute. This has resulted in an increase in the incidence of cases of xylitol toxicity in dogs. more

Page 6 of 6, 57 articles found. Displaying: 51-57
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