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Get a glimpse into my life with pets through excerpts from my diary. Enjoy funny anecdotes about my girls (our dogs Sheba and Sammy (RIP)), The Twins (our cats Arty and Lewie) and The Budgie Birds (Bella Blue and Charly) - and not forgetting my human boys too (The Dad and Aaron).

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Saving Mr Snake

24th Feb, 2017
I often fantasise about heading off on holiday but then the fact that I can’t bear to leave my fur kids gets the better of me and I stop. I also think The Twins (aka Arty and brother Lewie) would run riot if I wasn’t here. Why, you may ask? Well, take last night’s shenanigans for instance… ...read more

Rude awakening

27th Jan, 2017
What a life! Isn’t it funny how easily one forgets what living with young animals is like? We were woken this morning by dive-bombing Ninja cats, aka The Twins – Arty and Lewie! Honestly, I felt as if I was sleeping in a WWF ring; they are relentless and I was feeling panicky on behalf of my very full bladder… ...read more

I have learnt to live with a scruffy, rather hamster-ish-smelling, cheeky and obsessively possessive little bitch (I can say that in every meaning of the word – human and doggy). I can honestly say I have tried. I gave her the soft puppy bed, complete with plush Hello Kitty bedding, the cute comfort bunny toy and a wonderful fluffy baby blanket. I endeavour to bath her in only the best doggy shampoo, and blow-dry her lovingly every two weeks. And in return I get... a Maltese monster that brings smelly old socks ...read more

It was a chilly morning, around the time of the big mountain fires in Cape Town, and we decided, on the spur of the moment, to take a different route on our morning doggy walk. Happily walking along, suddenly Sammy had her ‘let-me-at-it’ stance but I couldn’t figure out what she could see… Then I realised that James was also frozen to the spot. As I stepped off the pavement to investigate, I very nearly trod on what at first glance looked like a dead rat ...read more

Run, run away...

28th Oct, 2016
In which DD realises that, despite her age, she can still run. The day started with a little more fur kid activity than usual. The girls, Sheba and Sammy, happily brought their balls to me at 06h30 sharp, as usual. They leap onto the bed and prompt me to get up by either dropping a ball on my head (Sheba) or tossing a ball at me (Sammy). When I started this EMBG (Early Morning Ball Game), I didn’t consider what happens in winter ...read more

In which DD’s cottage has wall-to-wall doggy beds. Two dogs (Sammy the Maltese and Sheba the German Shepherd-Labrador-mix) and two cats (aka The Twins – Arty-Fat-Bum and Brother Lewie) should equal four beds. But no… four dog baskets, three continental pillows, two couches (which Sheba thinks are hers), several chairs – and our own bed! I know, I know, it sounds excessive and only an animal lover would understand the reasoning that good bed options are ...read more

Page 4 of 4, 36 articles found. Displaying: 31-36
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