Blue, my biggest loyal companion

25th May, 2022

Written by Anel van Eyk

Professional photography by Marizanne Ferreira

Blue and I were meant to be, and although he had a really rough start in life, today he’s living the life of his dreams…

Rescued from hell

On Christmas Day 2019, I saw the horrifying photos on Facebook of a devastatingly sad dog that had been found in Schauderville, Gqeberha. The injuries were terrible, with wire and stockings “carved” into his neck. They asked that, if funds were spent on Blue’s vet bills, whether there’d be anyone interested in adopting him. I immediately responded and said I’d be willing to adopt him if no one claimed him as theirs.

Blue was rushed to the incredible Mount Croix Vet, Glendinningvale, to be cared for and operated on. His vet bills were covered by ZanneWelfare Fund, which raises funds for rescued animals and runs on donations; when I paid his adoption fee, it went to the fund.

I immediately called to ask if I’d be able to visit him. The next day, on the 26th of December 2019, I met him for the first time. I took a bowl of food and he devoured it straight away. I was shocked at his state – he was very thin, with his hips and ribs showing, and with this deep, deep gaping wound at his throat. I knew then that I had to take him.

Bringing home Blue

Once he was strong enough, he went into foster care with Christell Nicholls for his recovery. In the first week of January 2021, Blue came home after his recovery from his last operation.

My concern was whether he’d be able to be socialised with my “baby Dixie”, a one-year-old Min Pin mix, as Blue is a very hyper boy. The first meet-and-greet didn’t go well, but I knew I just needed to give him another chance. The next one went very well and he soon became family.

We worked hard at basic training and walking him daily to get rid of his excess energy. We bonded, and his loyalty and love are unbelievable.

Lots of people couldn’t believe that he’d be able to socialise with other dogs but Blue never stops amazing people. In fact, we later added a kitten to the family and he accepted her with no trouble at all. And, in November 2021, we added another rescue, Nikita, who’s also fully accepted into our family.

A life-changing dog

Blue actually helped me deal with my own situation, as I went through a very difficult spell at the time of his rescue. As much as I rescued him, he rescued me. We have a strong bond and, although he’s still hyperactive, he’s my biggest loyal companion.

Blue follows me wherever I go inside and outside the house (he’s quite a clingy dog!). He loves his walks – he gets excited if I so much as touch his walking harness. I’m very conscious of his safety as power breeds are prone to being stolen, so we go on walks away from home so nobody knows where he lives. He’s also kept inside the house if I’m out.

Car rides are an eventful time for him and I’m still trying to teach him to remain on the back seat whilst driving. Other than that, he’s come such a far way; he listens to commands and we do self-training. He loves to play with my other dogs, Pit Bull Nikita and Min Pin mix Dixie, although he can be a bit possessive over his toys. No toys last long as he loves playing, even at night – if he wants to play, he will bring a toy (not considering that Mom needs to sleep sometimes as well). When he does sleep, he has a special place on the bed with me and the other three fur babies. He sleeps snuggled up with his head on my neck, and the other “kids” know that this is his spot.

Blue is very loyal and has changed my life in such a great measure. I cannot imagine being without him.

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