Eyevy, the happiest puppy ever!

17th May, 2019

Written by Marcelle du Plessis of Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Photography by Cassandra Bright

A puppy of around ten weeks old was brought to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic with a severe wound to her face. The entire side of her face was mangled, and it looked like she’d been electrocuted, possibly while chewing on an electrical wire.

Sadly, her owners brought her for help quite some time after the injury had occurred, and as a result, the wound was infected. The infection had spread across the side of her face; skin was dying, one eye had gone blind, and her teeth had fallen out. The pup looked like a little Frankenstein. We named her Zee.

Zee was admitted to our theatre where we stitched her wounds up as best as possible. This wasn’t an easy job as the skin around the mouth kept dying, meaning the stitched skin wouldn’t bind. Eventually the skin reached a point where it stopped dying and we could stitch the live parts together.

She received a lot of medication and stayed with us for a number of weeks to heal and for us to monitor her progress. Her skin healed very well, and soon she was ready to go back home.

Her owners, however, didn’t want her back, so she entered our puppy foster programme. One would think that a puppy that went through so much would be depressed, but not this little girl.

This special girl was one of the happiest puppies we’d ever met at our clinic. All she wanted to do was be in your arms, be held and be tickled.

Zee, now named Eyevy, has been adopted by a family who loves her for being the special puppy that she is. She’s grown quite a bit already, and her face has healed beautifully. Animals sure can teach us humans a lot about dealing with trauma and pain.

Laetitia Genis, Eyevy’s new owner, shares…

My husband, Marius, and I found Eyevy’s post on Facebook; in the post her name was Leela, which is also my daughter’s name. We’d been discussing getting a dog for a while, because Leela simply adores animals. When we read about Leela on Facebook, it felt like it was meant to be.

We were a bit nervous about having a dog with one eye, knowing she’d be a bit clumsy. At the same time, our daughter was just over a year old and similarly enthusiastically clumsy. But, luckily, things have worked out perfectly as they’ve grown up together.

Even though Eyevy’s been through so much, she’s still such a loving dog. She’s very protective of our daughter, but in a loving way. Although we’re not too sure of her breed mix, we’re really looking forward to seeing how big she might get.

We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. She completes our family perfectly.