From Buried Alive, To Thriving in a Loving Home

14th Dec, 2023

Written, and photos supplied by Belinda Abraham – Communications Manager – Cape of Good Hope SPCA

The Rescue

On the 2nd of July 2023, we received a call that made our blood run cold. The caller had seen a dog being buried alive. In a frantic race against time, our inspector, Lee Prins, shovelled through mounds of sand and reached him, just in the nick of time. Read more about the rescue here

The Recovery

We named him Courage, and though we didn’t know it at the time, we’d named him well. He was the epitome of neglect, and his fight for life didn’t end with his rescue – it had actually only just begun. Unvaccinated, un-neutered, underfed, uncared for and unloved are the words we’d use to sum up Courage’s life to this point.

It’s all of these ”uns” that led to the manifestation of a life-threatening disease, a baffling skin condition, emaciation, pain caused by untreated arthritis in his hips and spine, and a TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour). He didn’t have much going for him other than a brave and indomitable spirit. He fought to live buried under that mound of sand and he just never stopped. He faced every veterinary intervention, including repeated examinations, frequent germicidal baths and various treatments that included chemotherapy, like a true warrior.

Loved at Last

When the Mentoor Family chose to make Courage the fifth member of their family, we couldn’t have been happier. Courage is loved at last – the only “uns” in his life now are understanding, unconditional love and unlimited care. But there’s another “un” word relevant to Courage’s story – UNITED! And it’s literally the most important one. Because it’s only through the collective action of animal-loving hearts that stories like Courage’s can be told.

We’re so thankful for each and every contribution made towards his care! Without you and your support that puts fuel in our vehicles, pays our Inspectors’ salaries, funds the work of our hospital, gives animals safe sanctuary, and allows us the privilege of finding dogs like Courage a loving home, his story would have ended quite differently.

Update from the home front

We recently received an email from the Mentoor Family who gave us this update:

Courage is doing very well and loves his new home and plays every day with the kids when they come home from school. He’s very intelligent and very caring and protective of the kids. He’s eating well, going for walks in the area, and drinks a lot of water as he has so much energy!

We’re so lucky to have him in our lives; we loved him from the minute we met him and we’ll love him and cherish him forever. Thank you for sharing Courage with us. We thank God every day that he now has a family that loves him as much as he loves us.”

Thank you to all our adopters, and if anyone’s ready to welcome a cat, dog, kitten or puppy into their hearts and homes, please do give us a call on 0217004152 or email at

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