Mopsy the Maltese and her BFF, Ollie

28th Feb, 2020

Written by Michael Anhauser

Professional photography by Nat Gold ZA

Our need to adopt a dog grew when we gave up searching for our Maltese poodle, Fluffy. We’d him for ten years and he took himself for walks thrice daily, always returning home within an hour of leaving. One Friday morning he left at his usual time and never returned. A desperate search was launched in the area, and residents in the area who knew Fluffy very well were asked to keep a lookout for him. After one month and no results, we decided to approach the SPCA.

We completed the necessary forms, paid our adoption fee and were taken on a tour to gain sight of all Maltese breeds up for adoption. At that time, we hadn’t quite satisfied ourselves with a definite candidate. We decided to come back again and have another look. This time we’d include other breeds too.

Within a few days, we had a home visit from an inspector to satisfy her that the property was adequately enclosed and that the pool area had the necessary safety fencing around it. On completion of her inspection, we walked her to the front gate and she said, “I have the perfect dog for you. Her name is Mopsy; she’s an MVA case and still in recovery, but ready to be adopted.”

We made the necessary arrangements to see Mopsy, and on the day we arrived, we were told to wait while Mopsy was fetched from the cattery.

Enter Mopsy. This was the moment we met, and she was all over us as if she was sending us messages that we should take her home. The friendship between us involved a unique chemistry and relationship.

But, sometimes, there are some extraordinary pairings that go beyond our expectations. The one-year-old Mopsy the Maltese needed special attention, because she’d been left for dead with a broken hip and severe back injuries. This became evident when noticing her disabled gait and her raised backbone. Despite that, the chemistry increased, and we made an immediate decision that Mopsy would have a new home with us.

Mopsy came home on the 22nd of October 2019 and found her way around the premises easily and quickly. She settled in well and soon became the spoilt child of a retired couple.

Two weeks later, we were informed that a couple in Bothasig were looking for a home for their two-year-old pedigreed Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, called Ollie. We made enquiries and were told that a number of people were interested. They took our details and we waited. Then, a few days later, we received a call and were told that we were the new owners of Ollie.

It soon became obvious that the two of them were a match made in heaven. Ollie is very gentle with Mopsy, as if he knows that she’s still in recovery. They play fight and chase each other outside the house and inside. They eat together and sleep together, and the one is always looking for the other.

Mopsy has made tremendous progress since Ollie’s arrival. Ollie is very agile and leap frogs onto chairs, couches and beds. Mopsy had to be an on-ground spectator, because she wasn’t yet ready to imitate Ollie’s agility. One day, however, she saw Ollie leaping onto my bed and she decided to do likewise. First attempt failed; second attempt failed; third attempt, onto the bed. Since then, she jumps onto the bed with some measure of ease.

Mopsy and Ollie become visibly agitated when they’ve not had their daily walk by 10h00. When you hold the harness in your hand, they start jumping all over you to harness them for their morning walk. We love them to bits, and they’ve brought so much joy into our lives since the strange disappearance of Fluffy.