Mr Courage

6th Dec, 2023

Written by Tracy Mistry of Langebaan Animal Care

Photography supplied by Langebaan Animal Care

The very desperate ginger cat had been stuck up the tall electrical pole for three days, according to the worried gentleman who called Langebaan Animal Care for help. Worse, from the way that this poor cats legs were dangling, it looked like he could also be paralysed. We had to get him down, but it was a hazardous situation.

Hero to the rescue

That’s when Jaco Kotze, heroic local animal lover, stepped forward. Despite the danger, he was more than willing and able to get stuck in to rescuing the terrified and, by now, hungry and dehydrated cat.

A tall ladder was placed against the creaking wooden pole, held fast by two helpful bystanders. Carefully, Jaco climbed the shuddering ladder to the top. Once there, he slowly reached out his hand to the deeply apprehensive animal, gently touching its head before firmly scruffing it and beginning the climb back down, all the way being scratched by a flailing, panicking cat

He had multiple ailments

Once the ginger tom was safely removed and secured in a carrier, he was rushed to The Langebaan Animal Hospital where he was placed on a drip under the watchful eye of veterinarian Dr Lucinda Cowan. While there, he thankfully tested negative for feline aids.

Once he’d recuperated enough, Mr Courage, as we’ve since named him, was brought to LAC’s cat care centre, where he could gather his strength and start his rehabilitation. As we found out, that had been the easy part.

The cat had multiple ailments – scabs, sores and a few abscesses that burst on his head and ears, causing him a lot of discomfort. With medication and love we sorted these out over time, but his ailments just kept coming; he also suffered a terrible tummy problem and needed five different antibiotics to pull through. He then had a high yeast infection, so more medication was needed for another ten days.

During all these treatments Mr Courage sadly needed to be kept in a crate for ten weeks while all our lovely volunteers tried desperately to help him. Finally, all his infections cleared up, except for a little diarrhoea. But he was terribly stressed out after everything.

First steps to recovery

To help Mr Courage mentally, we made the decision to let him roam amongst the other cats. He was very nervous and shy, not knowing what to do, and then he made himself comfortable on top of the cupboard. So, out came the step ladder so that we could give him the love and attention he needed so that he felt safe in his new environment. We’re hoping that, now that he’s free to wander and explore, we’ll see further improvement. This courageous cat has come a long way, but still has a way to go.

Regardless of this huge ordeal and trauma, he’s still a very affectionate, loveable boy – at some point he’ll be ready to be adopted and be a wonderful pet for a lucky home.

As you can imagine, our vet bills are almost as high as the pole we rescued him from, so any assistance would be much appreciated. Without your generosity Mr Courage wouldn’t have made it.

This has been one of the most rewarding rescues for all involved and we thank everyone who helped him recover.

Langebaan Animal Care would like to thank the following people who were brave and dedicated enough to rescue this poor soul:

Jaco Kotze, for climbing up and rescuing Courage from the electrical pole; our local Municipality for the assistance; Langebaan Animal Hospital; and, of course, everyone at Langebaan Animal Care.

At the time of writing, Mr Courage is still available for adoption! If you have a soft spot for loving, brave ginger cats, please contact Langebaan Animal Care’s Cattery Manager, Lynn Grinaker, on 073 233 0508, and to view our other cats available for adoption, click here

For more information about Langebaan Animal Care, please check out Happy Tales Magazine’s article here.

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