Namaste: A happy home for horses and other homeless souls

18th Apr, 2018

Written by Telana Lezar

Professional photography by Keith Lotz Photography

Namaste Horses started about three years ago on our farm in Morning Star, and since we bought the farm we’ve taken in and successfully rehabilitated 17 horses.

I’ve always loved this area as I grew up here as a child and it’s been my “safe place”, learning about horses from my Uncle Chris and Aunty Claudette Barns 36 years ago where my journey with horses began. I was always drawn to the broken souls, always wanting the horses that were cast out by others, seeing it more as a blessing than a challenge.

A sense of purpose

Some of the horses come to us in a terrible condition and it takes a lot of time, patience, love and money to get them to a point where they’re ready to leave for their new homes and family.

I focus on finding homes for them with children with their own challenges so as to give the horses a sense of purpose; children with eating disorders, emotional issues and physical challenges. This way I heal two bruised souls at the same time. Because I prefer the horses to have a pressure-free life, I don’t really rehome to competitive homes.

For example, I’m proud to say that one of “my” horses is now living very happily at a home for Down’s Syndrome children and is very much loved and spoilt by these precious youngsters. 

I work closely with Lindsay Willis, Horse Care Unit Manager at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, and she’s always a phone call away with a listening ear and supportive advice.

We also have open days where children get to come and spend time with the horses and play with the other kids and meet new friends.


One of our more recent cases is that of Malakai, an orphan whom I found in the bush after his mother died. I’m raising him at home. He could hardly walk when I got him and was riddled with ticks and worms.

I named Malakai after the prophet who foresaw the coming of God and I believe he definitely has guardian angels looking down on him.

He’s on special milk and loads of vitamins and will need surgery when he’s stronger. Then, I will be looking for a very special home for him – one where he’ll be allowed to roam in grassy paddocks and run with other horses.

Helping lost souls

We also take in and foster many other lost souls, from stray dogs and cats to injured birds and snakes, and anything else needing TLC.

Among our animals we have a beautiful Husky that the owners dropped off at a parlour “for a wash” and just never returned; dogs from a puppy mill that were cast out as they were not giving enough puppies; pet snakes that just got too big. So many are from owners who simply didn’t do their research before taking on a pet.

We try to focus on a three-month period as this is usually the minimum it takes to repair damage caused. Some need more time and others never leave as they are just not rehomeable. We do the best for these little souls and seeing them go from strength to strength gives me the most amazing feeling in my heart.

Namaste Horses is a place where the horses and other animals can come to prepare for the loving families that await them.

If you’d like to learn more about Namaste Horses or want to visit and/or help in any way, you can call Telana on 074 158 9000, or email or follow them on Facebook.