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10th Nov, 2023

Written by Elizabeth Down, Office Manager – SPCA Wellington

Professional photography by Extreme Memories Africa 

We named him Marley as the dreadlocks were all you could see.

He was surrendered to us in an awful state and his people assured us he was highly aggressive. With 2.3kg of dreadlocks, who wouldn’t be? The pain must have been intense.

Marley had to be sedated before the Doggy Parlour, Wellington, could get to work in freeing him from the burden of all that hair. Literally a huge weight was lifted from his little body.

After a month of patient care at the Wellington SPCA, Marley started to show his true character – it was as if we had a new dog; he was a little marvel. He began to trust our staff members (not all humans cause pain) and you could see the difference as his face lit up when he got cuddles and attention.

Two weeks later he was put up for adoption and captured the hearts of Louise-Anne and Johan Truter.

After nearly two months of unconditional love and rehabilitation, this remarkable little chap was blessed with a second chance.

Johan Truter, Bob’s new owner, shares...

We tragically lost our Luna, a Border Collie-Jack Russell mix, a few months ago. For the first few months when we discussed perhaps finding another dog, if felt like betrayal towards Luna. After a while, the wounds started to heal. My wife, Louise-Anne, decided to visit the SPCA in Wellington after a good deal of encouragement from our across-the-street neighbour, Suzanne Gilliland.

Louise-Anne didn’t mention anything to me initially; I think the visits completed her own healing process. After a few visits on her own, she invited me to join. We both liked Marley from day one, and after a few follow-up visits, we both agreed that we wanted to adopt him. I still don’t know who was chosen by whom, but we all are delighted to have ended up together! We weren’t aware of his past and the horrid times he must have endured, but we were shown some pictures and video clips of Bob in the terrible state in which he was found.

We collected Marley on Thursday, the 26th of October. We decided to pay recognition to the name that was given to him by the SPCA, but to also pay tribute to the real Robert (Bob) Marley, the well-known Jamaican singer/songwriter. Marley is now called Bob and already is reacting to his name. Bob’s now been with us not even a full week, and after a very hesitant first day for all of us, he’s slowly starting to show us his real personality.

We saw him run and heard him bark on the third day with us and he’s getting used to us, our house and garden. He still isn’t very active and we had to teach him to climb steps – it was as if he had no coordination. He soon mastered that and is getting more and more active every day, and we hope to see him running, jumping, chasing balls and be a normal dog very soon.

We can only sing the praises of the SPCA Wellington. From the very first day we had a good experience going there and have the greatest of admiration for the good work done by the friendly staff. May there be many more good stories like Bob’s.

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