27th Oct, 2023

Written by Karin Human, Human Resources Manager: Cradock Animal Shelter (CAS)

Professional photography by Sonskyn Photography

Constable Zenobias Adams informed us that there was a dog in serious trouble. After hearing her crying for a second day (he couldn’t pinpoint her location on the first day), he took to the road to investigate and found the terrified dog trapped under a two-ton rock on open land. We immediately rushed to the scene

When my husband, Herkie, and I arrived at the scene, we soon realised that we couldn’t rescue her alone. The rock was too large to pick up and there was no way an excavator could get to her, because the location was very rocky and steep.

We sent a message to various WhatsApp groups in the hope that enough people would join us and help us. Then we called the rescue services and they used the jaws of life to lift the rock.

We weren’t sure how long the dog, now named Rocksy, had been trapped under the rock, so our vet, Dr Monica Muller, was on standby to assist once the rock had been lifted and Herkie was able to pick the dog up.

To everyone’s surprise, we noticed that Rocksy was pregnant.

I’m not sure how Rocksy found herself under such a large rock, but I’m thankful that she was able to survive and grateful that so many people arrived at the site with necessary equipment to save her.

They didn’t save Rocksy alone, but five puppies as well that were born on the 23rd of August, ten days after she was rescued.

If anybody would like to offer Rocksy, or her pups, a forever home, they can contact me on 073 811 3663.

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