Sweetpea’s Rehoming Story

20th Oct, 2023

Written by Julia Travis (PlumPets Animal Shelter Social Media)

Professional photography by elysian

PlumPets Animal Shelter was contacted by a concerned local, Reg Jemmett, a member of the Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch. They’d found a Plumstead resident collapsed in his driveway and he’d been rushed to hospital. Reg discovered the man owned a female Dachshund and a black tomcat who were left alone in the house. His nearest family members were in Johannesburg, so Reg contacted Paulette Bousfield (the manager for PlumPets Animal Shelter) for assistance and made a donation towards their care.

Sadly, the owner passed away in hospital, and the family then gave PlumPets permission to rehome the animals and made a donation towards their care.

A few months earlier, Clare Stoloff had reached out to Paulette – she was interested in adopting a small dog. She’d always had Dachshunds. Unfortunately, PlumPets didn’t have any small dogs at the shelter at that time and so Paulette suggested she contact Cape Dachshund Rescue.

When Reg contacted us about this dog in need, Paulette immediately thought of this family and contacted Clare to see if they’d found a dog. As luck would have it, they were still looking, so they came through to the shelter to meet her and fell in love! But they were moving to Greyton soon.

Stephane Richter, one of the amazing staff members, fostered Sweetpea in the meantime and we did a virtual home check of the potential home. Stephane and her partner, Rahul, then very kindly drove out to Greyton and were happy that the necessary changes had been made and the home was secure. They delivered Sweetpea to her new home.

Thank you to the Stoloff family for giving Sweetpea her amazing new life!

Searching for a Forever Home for PB...

PlumPets Animal Shelter (based in Plumstead, Cape Town) is searching to find Sweetpea’s feline brother his forever home. PB (named for Black Cat Peanut Butter) is a beautiful black male with striking green eyes. He’s very affectionate and just loves his food!

When he was first brought into the shelter, PB would constantly call for his human. It was heart-breaking. We tried him in the big cattery with the outdoor catio area, hoping that a cat community and more space would help, but this didn’t resolve his sadness. He was pining. So we moved him back inside to his own cage with a view and gave him as much attention as we could. We also worked on training him to use a litter tray. Slowly he started to settle and his sadness lifted. He’s now litter tray trained and it’s time for him to find his forever home, just like Sweetpea has.

PB came from an adult home with a dog, so ideally he’d need a similar home. He could also be a one and only cat. If you’re interested in meeting PB, please contact Paulette via WhatsApp on 083 641 3535. Strict home checks apply.


Narrated by Clare Stoloff

Hello! My name is Sweetpea and I live in Greyton with my adoptive parents.

My Dad chose my name and it’s also one of my Mom’s favourite flowers. Sometimes she calls me her “little lovebug”, “Precious girl”, “Sweetheart” or "Angel”, but I only respond positively to “Sweetpea”. She can drive me crazy sometimes, as she showers me with hugs and kisses. My Mom loves me SO much that she had a disc made for my collar which says “Mommy’s Girl" on the one side and has my name and her phone number on the other, as she doesn’t want to lose me.

I was a bit skittish when I first met them, but not anymore, although I still don’t like sudden, loud sounds. I have large grounds to do “zoomies” in every day, which is so much fun! Mom sits on the garden bench while I run around the garden sniffing and “hunting”. She takes me for a walk almost every day, except when the weather’s bad.

I sleep in a bed with a furry blanket, next to my Mom. I only go to sleep when I see her getting into bed and then I’m happy until the morning. However, I’m told that I’m a very noisy sleeper. I love to sit on her lap, but my favourite thing to do is to push my way in, behind her back. That’s really “cool”. I don’t like wearing a jacket but sometimes Mom insists, as I don’t like the cold. I do love to lie in front of the gas heater or the fire.

I’m not into toys, but I do LOVE dehydrated chicken necks as a treat. I get so excited when I see Mom preparing my dinner and do a little “ballet pirouette” on my hind legs. She LOVES it!

Mom and Dad take me with them wherever they go. I’ve been to Caledon, Hermanus and Cape Town. They take me to the Saturday Morning Market and to the Coffee Shop. I’ve even been allowed inside the local clinic with my Dad as everywhere in Greyton is pet-friendly. Everyone fusses over me. I’m told that I’m very well-behaved as I don’t yap or bark unnecessarily and am a great “stress reliever” to boot. In fact, I’m the BEST thing that’s come to share their space in a loooong time!

Lastly, I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to PlumPets for connecting me with my new family.

Love, Sweetpea xxxxxx Daxie kisses xxxxxx

Update: The Stoloffs had to return to live in Cape Town in September due to Sweetpea’s new Dad requiring medical treatment. Clare says that Sweetpea has been her “saving grace”, keeping them grounded through a very tough time for the family. We wish the family all the best.

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