Pavement special, designer dog, random-bred, mutt – so many names for our mixed-breed furry friends, none of which express what they really are: unique and exceptional.

With the MuttMix DNA test, you can solve the intriguing puzzle that is your mixed-breed companion. Aside from sheer curiosity, knowing your dog’s ‘pedigree’ can be helpful for maintaining future health as well as identifying potential behavioural needs. The results come with an information sheet for each breed found, covering the breed’s typical personality and physical traits as well as potential health issues. For example, should one of the breeds be prone to hip dysplasia, you can start preventative measures early.

How it works

The test itself is quick and painless; the MuttMix kit includes a specimen vial containing two swabs with which you’ll swab your dog’s mouth then send to the lab. Six weeks (and much anticipation) later, all is revealed. Results are shown in levels, from one to five, with level one indicating that 75% or more of a breed has been detected, right down to level five at 10% or less. There may sometimes be a little ‘background’ noise that goes unexplained – that is the magic of the mixed-breed dog.

At MuttMix we really care about dogs. We donate R100 to a participating shelter for each kit distributed by that shelter and are working to get MuttMix into shelters so that adopters can find out more about their new family member. For a nominal cost, your MuttMix kit will be couriered to you – or you can pick it up at a participating shelter.

To find out about getting your dog tested, or if you run a shelter and would like to get involved, contact MuttMix on 082 815 6674,, or simply SMS the word DNA and your name to 082 815 6674 and we will call you back (standard SMS rates apply). Please visit for more information and stories.




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