Incredible Emma

1st Jun, 2023

Written by Candice Snaid

Professional photography by Tania Cholwich Photography 

The best decision from indecision ever.

A beautiful picture of a tiny “Chihuahua-Pomeranian” cross dropped into my inbox in January 2021. It gripped our hearts but, with 11 animals in our home already, our indecision came from what we were going to do with 12.

We thought it over a week but finally changed our mind as we couldn’t get over her cute face.

The day we brought her home, Emma fitted into the palm of my hand. She was feisty and not scared of any of the other animals. The first night she befriended our youngest cat, Rocco. That was the beginning of a long-term friendship. She can be exceptionally loving as well.

We decided to take her to puppy school where we saw she could be part chameleon as she tried to become a plant (being the smallest in the class and a bit shy, she hid behind the plants). But that was short-lived as she blossomed and became an Olympic sprinter. She loves zoomies!

After she passed puppy school, we decided to do the novice “Do More With Your Dog” trick class, which she passed with flying colours.

For the last few months, Emma has been going to agility classes; some days she loves it and on others she hates it.

Some of her favourite things to do every day are playing with her cat friends (wrestle mania), sleeping wrapped up in bed between her mommy and daddy, and showing pure happiness when I come home from work. She’s part soccer player, as any ball is her best friend. She also loves going for rides in the car.

Last year we decided to enter her into the StarPet monthly competition, in which she came third.

Everyone has told me that she looks like a fox, so I decided to have her DNA tested with MuttMix.

Emma’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 4         Border Terrier

        Level 4         Yorkshire Terrier

        Level 4         Poodle

        Level 4         Miniature Pinscher

It was a complete shock when we got her results as she had neither Chihuahua nor Pomeranian. Turns out she’s a mix of Border Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher and Poodle. At least we now know where she gets her feistiness and cheekiness from!

She’s an absolute pleasure to have in our lives. She’s the light of my life and has made it complete.

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