Terrific Teddy

4th Oct, 2016

Joleyne Love, Teddy’s owner, shares his story…

I adopted my boy Teddy from Kitty and Puppy Haven, Midrand, in November 2011. On his adoption papers, he was listed as being a Bull Terrier-Ridgeback mix. He was a special dog – at the tender age of just three months old, Teddy was a very shy and quiet boy; not the normal crazy puppy that you would expect. He settled in at home really well and took everything in his stride.

Slowly but surely he started to come out of his shell, becoming more confident daily. We started taking him to dog parks to socialise, where we soon realised that he absolutely loves to swim and run. Running was Teddy’s thing and still is today...

He’s also an extremely bright boy who’s learned many tricks at home; he is easy to train and only wants to please.

I started to get curious about his breeding and decided to do the MuttMix DNA Test – and I was very surprised with the results.

Teddy’s MuttMix results:

 Level 2: Bull Terrier

 Level 4: Bearded Collie

 Level 4: Weimaraner

 Level 5: German Shorthaired Pointer

I can definitely see the German Pointer and Weimaraner in him – his love for swimming and running is so true to these breeds and he loves to hunt rats in the veldt; it’s extraordinary to watch. Although it was listed in his mix originally, the Bull Terrier and Bearded Collie have me stumped, but they are both very loyal and loving breeds with plenty of fun to have around, which he is in every way.

I love my boy to the moon and back, and together with our other boy, Jock, whom we acquired three months after Teddy, these boys complete our lives.

Dominique from MuttMix says…

An interesting thing about Canine DNA is that the fur is only made up of 3% of the DNA, and we tend to see little features being picked up from the lower-level breeds – in this case, the Bearded Collie is probably responsible for Teddy’s socks and white markings on his chest. Bull Terrier may not express itself largely in Teddy’s physical features, most likely due to the stronger genes of the larger breeds found in his DNA, but they are known for having a very adventurous nature and it certainly seems like Teddy ticks that box! 

Photograph by Helen Griffiths                    Teddy with his fur brother, Jock, at Huddle Park

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