Our Special, Playful, Confident, Adorable Leah

5th Dec, 2019

Written and photography by Leoné Walters

We have to start Leah’s story with Cooper, whom my fiancé and I adopted in 2017 from Pretoria Dog Rescue.

Cooper is the best of six dogs, and his MuttMix results indicated that he’s Level 4 Belgian Malinois, Level 4 French Bulldog, Level 4 Bloodhound, Level 4 Rottweiler, Level 4 English Springer Spaniel and Level 4 Border Collie.

He’s gentle, kind, and intelligent, but very nervous! We knew he needed a friend for emotional support and decided to adopt a companion for him.

When we saw the scruffy puppy on Tshwane SPCA’s website, we fell in love. We enquired and went to visit her that Saturday; we immediately knew she was meant to be part of our family.

Leah, then named Olivia, was just five months old and had been at the Waltloo SPCA for a month already. The SPCA advertised her as a Terrier, and, as we did with Cooper, we ordered a MuttMix kit. The results didn’t disappoint.

Leah’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 1                        Schnauzer

        Level 4                        American Eskimo Dog

        Level 4                        German Shorthaired Pointer

Our veterinarian speculated that perhaps she was a Wire-haired Fox Terrier or a West Highland Terrier cross. When she had her first groom she was transformed into a blonde Schnauzer. However, we never thought that she actually was a blonde Schnauzer.

Our blonde girl is playful, loveable, intelligent, and fearless. She enjoys treats, cuddles, mud, and more treats.

Leah and Cooper loved each other from the moment we introduced them to each other. They definitely scored an A++ for the SPCA’s compatibility test. They play for hours on end and are inseparable. Cooper is more confident as well.

Leah was the best decision ever. She brings us endless joy! She rescued us, and not the other way around.  

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

The Level 1 Schnauzer comes through super strong, and while blondes are really rare, the Eskimo Dog is pure white and will definitely have had an impact on the fur colour, thus producing gorgeous Leah!

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