Animal Welfare Organisations

Be inspired by people and the organisations which make a difference every day. This is where you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of rescue organisations that never gave up, and discover who needs your help and how you can enrich the life of a homeless animal.


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The Sushi and Panda Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of South Africa’s township animals and their communities. more

The story of Sharon’s Foster Furries began in 2016 with a ginger cat named Gabriel and the volunteer cat rescue work done by Sharon Petersen. more

Bulldogs, with their sturdy bodies and quirky flat-faced features, have grown in popularity in South Africa. more

1 Kennel at a Time

15th Feb, 2021
I remember the thoughts I had when I first drove into Ocean View, an impoverished community near Cape Town… “There are guns, more

In the blink of an eye, the world changed forever during this past year of 2020. The Covid-19 virus has impacted us all in so many ways. more

Anyone who’s ever been owned by a Sighthound, whether a Whippet, Iggie (as Italian Greyhounds are affectionately known), Greyhound, or one of the more exotic breeds, will agree that they make the most delightful companions and family members. more

Cute, fluffy-tailed, shiny-eyed woodland creatures. That’s how most of us think of the little animals that live in the trees around us. more

Valhalla Park is a severely impoverished neighbourhood struggling with high levels of crime and gangsterism, not far from the bright lights of Cape Town International Airport. more

Labradors, with their soulful eyes, even-tempered natures, and family-friendly reputation, top the list of most popular breeds worldwide. more

South Africa is known the world over for its wonderful wildlife. Sadly, these animals are under mounting threat, and the need for wildlife rescue facilities is increasing. more

Page 4 of 14, 133 articles found. Displaying: 31-40
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