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Be inspired by people and the organisations which make a difference every day. This is where you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of rescue organisations that never gave up, and discover who needs your help and how you can enrich the life of a homeless animal.


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Our journey in animal rescue began eight years ago when we adopted our first ever rescue dog, Kia, a Bull Terrier-mix from Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand. A couple of years later, we adopted two little Dachshunds. With all the joy these precious babies gave us, we felt the need to give back. And, so, we started fostering dogs in need. more

When Robert Arrow’s beloved African Grey parrot, Frankie, was killed by his dogs in a tragic accident on the 17th of September 2017, he was left devastated. His daughter, Kerry-Lee, had come across a Facebook post about Brainy Birds in Edenvale and suggested that they visit the rescue sanctuary. She thought that if he spent time with the rescued birds then it might give him a chance to heal. more

The story of Dobermann Rescue South Africa began in January 2013. A friend told me about a six-month-old female Dobermann who needed a home because her landlord did not like the fact that the dog was digging up the garden of the rented property. more

Each one of us has a purpose in life, fuelled by whatever passion is instilled in our being. Sadly, many never find their passion or purpose; life takes its course and just sweeps us along the path of the normal day-to-day rat race and existence. more

AfriPaw Animal Welfare’s vision is to see communities that treasure their pets, provide for their needs and protect them from suffering and disease. They aim to achieve this by partnering with low-income communities to educate families on their pets’ primary needs, and facilitating access to affordable support services with a focus on mass sterilisation. more

Irwin Animal Rescue Centre in De Deur, south of Johannesburg, is home to over 60 dogs, most of which are over six years old. The majority have never had the luxury of a loving home and many grew up at the centre. more

The horse’s leg was so badly broken that the leg was just hanging – and yet someone had sent him in to be auctioned off anyway. This was the sight that stopped me in my tracks eight years ago at an auction in De Deur. more

Our Frosty Face Foster Program was conceived over a windy weekend in May 2016; why that is vivid in my memory is because Kara (CDR’s Chairperson) and I were supposed to be out riding pillion on our husbands’ bikes. The wind had everything akimbo that miserable weekend and the motorcycles didn’t stand a chance, so we ended up doing that rare “weekend away from everything” in a car. more


7th Aug, 2017
#whereswillie is a fund-raising campaign for the African Tails project: Mending Mamre. The Willie in question is Willie Richards of single-trackTM, avid runner, advocate for healthy living and a man who lives by his motto: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. more

The Dogbox Project

3rd Jul, 2017
Are you doing something special for your 67 minutes on Mandela Day this year? If not, we at The Dogbox Project still have open kennels available at our Mandela Day event. Young and old are welcome, so bring the entire family. more

Page 5 of 10, 95 articles found. Displaying: 41-50