Help A Paw

12th Jun, 2023

Geraldine Adams (Director/Operations Manager) sharing the love

Written by Gigi Roper, Founder of Help A Paw

Photography by CJ Amstrong

Help a Paw focuses on outreach work for animals in need in the impoverished Macassar and Firgrove areas near Somerset West in the Western Cape. This area consists of informal houses, RDP houses, as well as an older part of the town. Entirely run by volunteers, this small but passionate team does their best for the animals with whatever we have.

Helping hundreds

We look after around 600 dogs, 290 cats and several horses – and the number of animals in our care is growing at an alarming rate. We’re the support for local animal lover Geraldine Adams, aged 69, who lives in the town and feeds all the street animals.

Help a Paw focuses on education and rehabilitation, with a particular commitment to promoting animal sterilisation (spay/neuter) and primary veterinary care. Help a Paw runs a monthly clinic for vaccinations, deworming and basic veterinary assistance. We offer free vet help to people who are unemployed and need assistance for their dogs and cats.

We aim to do at least 50 dog and cat sterilisations a month. In 2022, Help a Paw achieved 1100 sterilisations; the aim is to double this in 2023.

In addition, we donate around 20 kennels a month to dogs that would otherwise be outside in all weather – this is done for free to help the dogs’ quality of life. The only requirement is that the owner must consent to us having the dog sterilised beforehand so that we can try to curb uncontrolled breeding. We also work to remove dogs off chains, either by assisting with fencing or placing runners.

We run a feeding programme and hand out over a ton of dog food and 100kg of cat food every month. Geraldine walks the streets feeding all the animals who need assistance.

Help a Paw is a registered non-profit company, NPC number 2021/32176/08, and registered with SARS as a PBO number: 930074108 (so we can issue S18A tax certificates for donations).

You can help!

We have a constant wish list for food, dewormers, tick and flea treatment, and vaccination funding. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Should you wish to donate funds, our bank details are:

  • Help a Paw

  • First National Bank

  • Account: 62882481329

  • Branch code: 250655

Alternatively, donate via PayPal: PayPal.Me/helpapawza. Help a Paw is also an official beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme.

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