Majestic Beast Rescue

6th Mar, 2023

Left to right: Carina Smit (Team member) with Leo, Sharnelle Van der Merwe (Volunteer)with Heidi, Armand Groenewald (Founder & Director) with Sheila, Gustav Marais (Volunteer) with Luno, Yolandi Maggott (Co- Director) with Sammy and Michelle Reynolds (Team member) with Frank            Photo Credit: Damiani Studios

Professional photography by Shuttermutts Pet Photography and Damiani Studios

An abandoned Boerboel led to the creation of a fantastic organisation dedicated to helping these beautiful and often misunderstood South African dogs.

The dog that started it all

Majestic Beast Rescue, situated in the rural town of Klapmuts, Western Cape, was started by canine behaviourist Armand Groenewald. When Armand owned a boarding kennels in 2016, someone booked their Boerboel female, named Jesse, for a stay as they were moving house. This girl was nervous and showed signs of fear most of the time, resulting in aggressive tendencies. No one could get close to her.

Patiently, Armand worked to get Jesse to trust him. When the time came for the owners to fetch the gorgeous girl, they never turned up. They’d abandoned her.

Being an experienced canine behaviourist, Armand knew exactly what to do to get Jesse to trust him and other people. He started off with just talking to her for hours on end as she wouldn’t allow him close to her or touch her. Eventually, Armand and Jesse had formed a bond so strong that nothing could break it. Thus creating this intense love for this breed he has today.

A way with dogs

Armand has always had a way with dogs and a deep love for them. He started volunteering at The Lucky Lucy Foundation in 2010. He loved working with rescues so much that, in 2012, he decided to study to become a canine behaviourist to better be able to help rescue dogs recover and become more adoptable. He volunteered all his spare time doing just that from 2015 to 2019. After meeting Jesse in 2016, he’d developed a huge love and understanding of the Boerboel breed, becoming the guy to call should a rescue need help with this breed.

After careful consideration and working with many rescue organisations throughout the years, Armand realised that no one in the whole of South Africa was specifically looking out for this majestic South African breed. Thus, in September 2019, he started Majestic Beast Rescue, focusing solely on Boerboels, rescuing them, rehabilitating them and then finding each Boerboel the perfect home.

Helping Boerboels find their way to perfect

Majestic Beast prides themselves in matching adopting families with their perfect “beast”. After an assessment of the family and their current animals has been undertaken, Armand will recommend a dog best suited for the said family according to temperament and personality (even if they were initially applying for another majestic beast).

While in the care of Majestic Beast Rescue, every Boerboel is trained basic obedience and how to walk on a leash. Every dog that’s adopted out has undergone extensive assessments and behaviour modification training before it’s eligible for adoption, to ensure we set our dogs up for success in their new homes.

Since starting in September 2019, Majestic Beast has successfully rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed just over 100 beasts. We work from Cape Town, but dogs have come from Bloemfontein and Johannesburg and we’ve homed dogs as far as Port Elizabeth.

Majestic Beast Rescue is not government funded, so all the hours of networking, doing family assessments and home-checks, booking sterilisations, rehabilitating beasts, rescuing new beasts, finding sponsors and placing beasts in new homes is all undertaken voluntarily. We’re solely dependent on public donations and sponsorships. Majestic Beast Rescue is a registered NPC.

You can help!

The best way to help is to sponsor or part-sponsor a beast, or donate towards general care of the dogs. Taking into account rent, flea and tick treatment, and dog food, this works out to R950-00 per dog per month. However, any amount makes a big difference.

EFT donations can be made to:

        Account name: Majestic Beast NPC
        Bank: FNB
        Branch Number: 250655
        Account number: 62851919020
        Account type: Cheque

        Reference: Your name & dog’s name

Or donate via SnapScan.

For more information on how you can help Majestic Beast Rescue, call 067 729 6791, email, or visit, and follow them on social media on Facebook @Majestic Beast Boerboel Rescue NPC and Instagram @majesticbeastrescue.


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