Archie, the healer of broken hearts

24th Nov, 2021

Written by Astrid Raath, CEO/Director of BluLyte

Professional photography by Caroline Hartley Photography

Bollie, the cat, arrived at Animal Welfare Helderberg on the 22nd of May 2021. Kids had used a rubber band as a collar, and from the shocking state of the wound around Bollie’s neck, it had clearly been a long-term application, cutting deep into his flesh. Eugenie from Animal Welfare Helderberg Cattery had posted the images on social media to create awareness and educate people on how not to treat their animals.

The Vetmed team saw this post and reached out to Animal Welfare Heidelberg Cattery. Vetmed Wound and Skin Care was supplied on the 24th of May 2021 and applied frequently for the next nine days.

The difference it made was visible a week later. Bollie’s stitches were removed earlier than expected and his hair started growing back. The staff were ecstatic and continued to use Vetmed Wound and Skin Care on his wound. The difference was quite remarkable!

Bollie made a full recovery and was introduced to Nathan and Jessica Thibaud in September. They fell in love with him and adopted him on the 20th of September 2021.

Renamed Archie, he’s very at home in his new environment and loves a game of chasing the feather. Archie also loves his new humans as much as they do him!

The Vetmed team were thrilled to have played an integral part in Archie’s recovery and wish him a long and happy life ahead with Nathan and Jessica.

Jessica, Archie’s new owner, shares…

A few days after losing our precious little fur baby, Felix, to a heart attack, my partner and I visited Animal Welfare Helderberg for some much-needed therapy time with the senior kitties. We had no intention of adopting again so soon, but I guess it’s true when people say that your animal chooses you and not the other way round.

Our first photos of Nathan with Bollie capture one of our very first interactions with him, and although we didn’t know it yet, he’d fully crept into our hearts and was going to be coming home with us no more than two days later.

On our first visit, Eugenie told us a bit about his awful history: we couldn’t believe what a gorgeous little kitty he’d transformed into, so trusting and full of love.

And now… Bollie, aka Archibald (Archie), is just the cutest ball of fluff, zooming around our apartment at all hours of the night, except between 4am and 6am when it’s time to cuddle.

After a very rough time for us, he’s just filled our lives with so much joy and has even taken a liking to our other senior resident, Ms Lyla. We’re so grateful to both the Animal Welfare Helderberg Cattery and the Vetmed Team for the vital role they played in his recovery.

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