Animal Allies

23rd Mar, 2017

Written by Monique Friedland, founder of Animal Allies

The phone rings – the time is 5:35am. Nomsa’s guardian is panicking on the other side of the phone. “Help please, Nomsa has been poisoned.” Oscar stops what he’s doing and jumps into his bakkie. He knows that, when it comes to a poison, every second counts...

Caring in Katlehong

It’s been just under a year that we’ve been actively involved with the community in Katlehong Township, where we treat and sterilise the animals as well as run education programmes at the various schools and crèches. Katlehong is the second-biggest township after Soweto, and despite being surrounded by an industrial area, there is a very high unemployment rate.

In spite of their circumstances, the people of Katlehong love their pets and try their best to provide care and food for them. Unfortunately, being unemployed or on a minimum wage, this is not always possible and as such the people and animals have come to rely on us for their daily meals and for help. We are the only organsation servicing Katlehong, alleviating so much pain and suffering. In addition, everything we do in the townships is done free of charge.

We are in Katlehong on a daily basis, collecting sick or injured animals as well as animals requiring sterilisation. Four times a year we hold an onsite sterilisation day, where we sterilise over 100 animals and attend to a further ±500 animals. All will be vaccinated, dewormed and sprayed for ticks and fleas. Every animal will leave with a bucket of food and a collar and leash. If the animal is sterilised, we allow the people to refill their buckets indefinitely.

Helping hands

Nomsa arrives at Bromhof Veterinary Clinic, shaking, vomiting, unable to stand. A drip is administered immediately; she is barely clinging to life. A lot of effort, world-class veterinary care, prayers and a never-say-die attitude and, just five days later, Nomsa is on her way back home to her very relieved guardians. Bromhof is not just performing treatments and surgeries; they’re performing miracles for our Katlehong animals.

Our next onsite sterilisation day in Katlehong is on the 2nd of April. In order to make this day a success, we need your help! If you would like to volunteer your time or know of any vets, vet nurses, AWAs or anyone that would be interested in helping us make a difference, please put them in touch with us, either telephonically – 076 511 5451– or email 

Watch and enjoy the video, shot by Phillip Meyer at our previous sterilisation day at

If you can’t be there and would still like to contribute to this day, please consider donating money, food (cat and dog), blankets, collars and leashes or tick and flea treatment. You could also donate through our SMS line by SMSing “Allies” to 38365 at R10/SMS.

We couldn’t do the work we do without supporters like you.

Animal Allies started in January 2010 with a trap-neuter-release programme for feral cats. As they worked, they were frequently approached by people in impoverished areas, desperate for help for their animals. In September 2011, Animal Allies’ first sterilisation campaign saw 600 dogs and cats sterilised, vaccinated, and dewormed in impoverished areas around Gauteng. The rest is history, with over 8,353 dogs and cats sterilised thanks to Animal Allies – and thousands of “animal guardians” (what most call “owners”) being educated and assisted. All their work is accomplished with donations from the public. To find out more, visit their website at and follow them on Facebook: @animalallies101

Photography credits to : Phillip Meyer / Natascha Kollman & Lara McCann