Border Collie Rescue SA (Gauteng)

23rd Feb, 2017

Border Collies are a popular breed in South Africa. People often get them because they’re attractive, intelligent (listed in the top five most intelligent dog breeds), and loyal. They’re often shown on TV doing tricks, herding sheep, and being very obedient, adding to people’s interest in the breed. Unfortunately, people generally don’t realise that Border Collies need lots of exercise and plenty of training; they need to use their intelligence and work drive, and absolutely love to get out and about and do things. This means that many of these lovely dogs end up abandoned or surrendered to shelters when people discover that they just cannot care for such a high-energy dog. 

Border Collie Rescue, located in Centurion, was founded in 1997 out of the need to find homes for the growing number of unwanted Border Collies. In 1999 they were registered as an NPO.

What we do

On average, a Collie stays with us for around a month, although some – such as the oldies – tend to stay longer. When you add all the kennel and vet fees, it costs approximately R4000 to rehome just one! We home around 250 Collies each year and charge an adoption fee to cover some of these costs.

In 2016 we started an enrichment area to make the dogs’ lives a little more interesting whilst they wait for their new homes. We included different herbs and a tunnel with a bridge for them to explore. We plan to improve the enrichment area with a few low agility jumps so that we can train the dogs, which will help relieve boredom (and make them more adoptable). We also run a sterilisation programme where we will happily spay or neuter any Collies on request for a nominal fee. This is because the best way to reduce the number of unwanted animals in shelters is to slow the unrestrained breeding.

Our main aims are to:

  • Educate the public about the Border Collie (BC) breed.
  • Find adoptive homes for unwanted BCs.
  • Provide rehabilitation for abused BCs.
  • Provide foster homes for abandoned BCs.
  • Raise funds to cover the operating costs of BC Rescue, i.e. sterilisation, advertising, kennelling fees, transport, telephone, and other veterinary expenses – all so that we can continue with the abovementioned aims.

You can help Border Collie Rescue!

Our number one wish list item is financial donations, as it costs a lot to feed and care for all the dogs (sadly, we cannot pay the vet with kibbles!); tax receipts can be issued for all donations.

We’re always looking for regular volunteers to come through on a Saturday to walk, groom and play with the dogs.

An easy, free way to help us is by getting a My School card and listing us as a beneficiary. It costs you nothing and every cent makes a difference. We also need good-quality second-hand clothes, household items, furniture, etc. for us to sell at the SAINTS Animal Charity Shop to raise funds.

Or perhaps you have an idea for a fundraiser? Please contact us with any new ideas; we’d love to hear from you!

CYLISTS! If you’re a cyclist or know one, please consider riding (or enlisting people to ride) for Border Collie Rescue in the 94.7 Cycle or Mountain Bike Challenge. We ask you to raise R2200 and, in return, you’ll get a free cycle t-shirt, goodie bag, some great prizes, and hospitality at the finish line. We’ll even collect and deliver your cycle packs for you – and, by riding with us, you will get an earlier start time than the rest of the field.

BCR was registered as a non-profit organisation in 1999. NPO No. 006 620. BCR is recognised by SARS as a PBO and any donations made to BCR are tax deductible; tax receipts are issued on request.

For more information, please contact Julie Morris on 011 395 2259 or 082 887 9668, or email, or Dina Vera Schmittknecht on 082 772 8525, or email

For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook at Border Collie