19th Aug, 2019

Photos supplied by ReWild

ReWild is about saving bats by bringing the beauty of bats to the hearts of people.

This special wildlife rehabilitation centre is located in Phalaborwa, adjoining the world-famous Kruger National Park. They specialise in helping injured and orphaned birds and small mammals, focusing on one of the world’s most misunderstood mammals: bats.

Wild about rescue

ReWild was founded and is run by Jane and Faunce Burd. Jane has been involved in general wildlife rehabilitation for about 30 years and bat rehabilitation since 2006. Four years ago, ReWild was founded.

Their aim when rescuing injured and orphaned creatures in need is to rehabilitate them and return them to the wild wherever possible. And the need has never been greater. With increased habitat destruction and encroachment by humans, more and more animals are in need of ReWild’s specialist assistance.

It’s a little bit more than that, though. When it comes to bats we’re specialists in their rehabilitation, and we’re passionate about them, extending into education, human/bat conflict resolution, helping farmers use bats to control crop pests, making bat houses and other bat conservation measures.

Beautiful bats

Bats are fascinating and beneficial flying mammals with many myths surrounding them. They’re not “flying mice” (they’re not even rodents), they won’t fly into your hair and get stuck, and they aren’t aggressive. You have more chance of catching rabies from a dog or mongoose than a bat (especially if you leave them alone), and they’re certainly not evil creatures.

What they are is a peaceful, helpful species which we should be encouraging.

Bats are major pollinators of many of our indigenous plants and fruit trees; they’re responsible for most of the reforestation taking place (putting trees back where we’ve taken them out). They provide excellent pest control that helps protect us from diseases and protect our food crops.

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of bats are being killed every year, in some of the most cruel and horrific ways, mainly because of roosting in roofs. But there are many ways of getting and keeping bats out of roofs without harming them.

For such a beneficial animal to be so persecuted is testament to the desperate need for education and awareness campaigns.

ReWild is here to help them. From saving tiny orphaned bats to safely excluding large colonies of bats, sometimes numbering in thousands, from roofs.

To us, every life matters; every life worth saving.

Be a buddy to bats

  • Volunteer (email for more information)
  • Become a ReWild Bat Buddy and become part of a team saving bats (further info on our Facebook Page, or drop us an email)
  • Make a donation

Wish list

  • Heat mats
  • Fleece material
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Bird cages
  • Cosmic Pet playpens
  • Soft animal carrier cages
  • Microscope
  • Fuel-efficient small car in running order




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For more information, contact Jane Burd on 082 457 7297, email, visit or follow them on Facebook