SA Basset Adoptions

9th Sep, 2019

Written by Carien von Backström, as narrated by Adrienne de Beer

The Hush Puppies Basset Hound has become a household name and mascot of the famous shoe brand. The dog breed itself comes across as awfully cute and adorable, the dogs looking almost comical with their abnormally long ears and droopy eyes.

But Basset Hounds are a different kind of dog breed. Some people have even tried to explain raising a basset hound as being the equivalent of raising a teenager. They can at times be just as stubborn and moody.

But if you have at any time been loved by a Basset, you’ll be hooked for life. These hounds have a special way of exhibiting their love.

Bassets are sniffer dogs, prone to taking long interesting walks by direction of the nose. As with any child, when preoccupied they tend to lose focus and can get lost easily. They’re quite difficult to train, and it takes loads of patience to get them to follow commands.

The above issues have led to lots of these lovely babies being abandoned, lost or abused.

Adrienne and the team from SA Basset Adoptions run an organisation focused on saving these animals. They rescue and rehome the hounds. After being rescued, the dogs are provided with the necessary medical treatment, where necessary. Fostering is the next step in the process, and then comes rehoming. 

Strict home inspections and interviews are conducted to ensure appropriate homes are found. During this, note is taken of the prospective owner’s knowledge and previous experience with the breed, other companion animals in the yard and fenced-off pool areas.

The adoption fee payable covers the costs of the inoculations, sterilisation and microchipping of the dogs.

SA Basset Adoptions was born in 2014, the brainchild of Adrienne de Beer. The association has a staff complement of two with loads of volunteers to help. 

Donations are always welcome and utilised to pay for specialised medical care needed for some of the rescued animals, or the boarding of hounds at kennels when foster homes are not immediately available.

To donate:

SA Basset Adoptions NPC
Account number: 115 609 7401
Branch code: 198765


For more information, WhatsApp 083 357 5000, email, follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @sa.basset.adoptions