5th Nov, 2018

Some of the Save-a-Pet staff members from left to right: Jackie Nel and Fame, Previous Mizha and Jerrica, Beatrice Nhongo and Cosima, Juliet Kabondo and Po, Leigh Done and Janis, Owen Marumha and Chai, Innocent Kabondo and Dipsy and Johannes Martin and Barley

Dogs in front left to right: Angie, Donut and Aristole (all dogs, except Donut, are available for adoption)

Written by Leigh Done, Manager of Save-a-Pet

Nestled on a smallholding in Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth, is a caring pro-life shelter of over 200 dogs and cats. Welcome to Save-a-Pet, where animals ranging from just a few weeks of age to over a decade live while awaiting loving homes. Most were saved from neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Save-a-Pet believes that every single animal is unique and should be protected, wanted and loved by a responsible owner who appreciates sharing their home with them as an extension of the family.

The Founding of Save-a-Pet

Save-a-Pet had its beginnings in 1998 after Mavis Smith identified a need in Port Elizabeth for the rehabilitation of rescued dogs. She began by taking animals into her own home and providing for them out of her own pocket.

The organisation was officially registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) on the 19th of May 2004. One year later, Save-a-Pet purchased a property in Greenbushes, which had previously been the site of the SPCA before it had closed two years prior to that.

Existing kennels were adjusted and new kennels built to provide larger, comfortable enclosures. In the 14 years since then, several improvements have been made, including two large exercise runs, an isolation facility for new and sick adult dogs, a cattery with indoor and outdoor access, indoor puppy rooms, and a hospital area for sick puppies and cats. 

As our dogs and cats remain with us until they’re adopted, our resources are used to provide for their physical and psychological care through comfortable shelter, nutritious food, toys and regular walks, splash pools for water-loving pooches, grooming, attention from staff and volunteers, and annual vaccinations and veterinary care when needed. We don’t have our own veterinarian on premises, but have many wonderful local veterinarians who offer us welfare rates.

As a registered NPO, Save-a-Pet is governed by a constitution which specifies the legal position, objectives, powers and structure of the organisation. Underlining our authenticity, we operate according to the Codes of Good Practice for South African Non-profit Organisations as recommended by the Department of Social Development.

Community work and education

Along with caring for the animals at the shelter, Save-a-Pet is also involved in assisting many needy animals in the local indigent community as far as our means allow. We offer assistance with adequate shelter for animals, food, veterinary treatment, sterilisation and education on proper animal care.

Save-a-Pet also aids field workers who are engaged in helping communities by providing tick/flea treatments and covering a certain number of sterilisations each month.

One of Save-a-Pet’s policies deals with pet overpopulation – putting a stop to breeding allows us to better manage the animals that are already in existence.

Save-a-Pet believes that we can make a long-term difference in the lives of animals by educating our youth. To this end, we engage in a programme of education at local schools, raising awareness regarding issues facing animals in our local community, as well as promoting exceptional standards of care for animals and sterilisation.

How you can help

Adopt: By adopting a dog or cat from Save-a-Pet, you’re not only giving a rescued animal a chance to experience real love in a home, but you’re also opening up space for us to help more animals in need.

Volunteer: Save-a-Pet welcomes volunteers to assist with daily tasks, walking dogs, giving the animals love and attention, grooming, assisting with fund raising, manning our charity shop, and so forth.

Donate: We are always in need of financial assistance to cover the many costs of running our shelter and providing the animals with top-notch care. Donations of food, blankets, toys and cleaning materials are always thoroughly appreciated. Second-hand goods are also welcome, for us to sell in our charity shop. We also require strong fencing to replace fencing on some of the kennels that have aged.

Banking details for donations:



Branch: 121617

Account Number: 1216 078 742

Support Fund Raisers: Visit our charity shop (on our premises), attend events and keep an eye out for any other fund-raising activities we have coming up.

Share and educate: Encourage others to support local animal rescue organisations, to adopt and to sterilise their animals. 

For more information, email, call 041 372 1780, visit their website and follow them on Facebook @saveapetportelizabeth ( or @saveapetadoptions (