Yorkie Rescue South Africa introduces Amelia Kinkade

17th Aug, 2017

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Written by Jenni Davies / photography by Jacqui L. Photography

Learn how to communicate with animals while helping Yorkie Rescue South Africa in their task to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Yorkshire Terriers.

Learn the language of miracles

Ever wondered what animals are thinking or saying? Amelia Kinkade, renowned animal communicator, will be presenting a fascinating two-day intensive workshop to help you learn how to communicate with animals. If you have questions about your animal’s behaviour, health, emotions, wants, wishes and desires, then this is the golden opportunity for you.

From cats and dogs to birds and wild animals – and everything in between – Amelia will teach you how to get to the “nuts and bolts” of communicating with them. The bonus is that the course also develops communication skills with your fellow human beings.

Hailing from the USA, Amelia has visited South Africa several times, and each time her courses have been extremely popular. The course ends with a certificate presentation and Amelia’s popular books will be on sale over the two days. It’s a golden opportunity to work with animals around you and will be particularly helpful to those involved in animal rescue.

There will even be some special guests in the form of some lovely Yorkshire Terriers to help you in your learning.

The course will be held at the beautiful Alzu Weltmeyer Stables in Alberton on the weekend of 21 – 22 October 2017. Tickets cost R1800 and a portion of the ticket sales will go towards Yorkie Rescue South Africa.

For more information on Amelia Kinkade’s Language of Miracles Workshop, please contact Yorkie Rescue South Africa, or visit their website at www.yorkierescuesouthafrica.co.za

Yorkie Rescue South Africa

A little Yorkshire Terrier called Gizmo who went missing from his home was the inspiration behind a country-wide rescue organisation to help Yorkies in need.

In her search to find little Gizmo, Avril Culverwell came across many other people who’d lost their Yorkies and some who no longer wanted their Yorkies; she saw how many were waiting in shelters, having been found as strays or surrendered for rehoming. She was also horrified to discover how many puppy mills and backyard breeders were overbreeding Yorkies, and how much theft and abuse these dogs were subject to.

Avril realised that there was a real need to help these endearing little dogs, so she hung up her corporate gear and got down to making a difference to the Yorkies in South Africa.

She started small with her sanctuary at her home and then recruited “Yorkie Angels” in all the main centres of South Africa to assist with rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. The focus and drive is keeping Yorkies safe and, as such, Yorkie Rescue South Africa tries to work with breeders to bring about better practices and reduce breeding, and, in so doing, reduce the abundance of Yorkies needing help.

Safe as houses

The Yorkie Rescue Sanctuary has no cages; the aim is to provide a comfortable home environment for the dogs in their care. Many of the Yorkies that land up with them are in need of some form of rehabilitation, be it physically or emotionally, or both. Sadly, some have been physically abused and need a good vet to patch them up again. The organisation is grateful to have a number of kind and gentle vets who are willing to take on the seemingly impossible to give a Yorkie another chance at a good life.

Once their charges have been rehabilitated, they can be rehomed. Yorkie Rescue South Africa is strict about their home choices so that these dogs never have to go through being abandoned or harmed again.

Yorkie Rescue South Africa’s sanctuary is mostly self-funded, with a few supporters who contribute monthly, for which the organisation is extremely grateful. 

Without the kindness of people who contribute donations, the organisation could not continue, which means many a little Yorkie who needs a safe space would have to be turned away. An unthinkable prospect.

Dream for the future

When they close their eyes at night, the people behind Yorkie Rescue South Africa dream of a large tract of land that is safe, not too far out of town (Gauteng-based), and close to the vet; on this land is a little koppie with a copse of shady trees, and water running through it. And on the land is the Yorkie Rescue Sanctuary.

The idea is to build an old age home where folk can retire without ever having to give up their animals. At this venue we would also run the Yorkie Rescue Sanctuary. 

Our old folk could always adopt a Yorkie for a moment, a day, or a year. This way we would be helping both human and animal through situations that we don’t like to be in. In our experience, there is nothing more heartbreaking than a person who has reached the milestone of having to give up their independence, their home and finally their animals because they have to go to an old age home.  

How you can help

Yorkie Rescue South Africa is always in need of financial donations to help cover their vet bills, pay for food (specific food is needed as they have sensitive digestions) and for daily care of the Yorkies at their sanctuary. Blankets and towels are always needed too. They are also grateful for foster parents and “Yorkie Angels” (volunteers).

For more information, contact Avril Culverwell on 082 965 5883, email yorkierescue@mweb.co.za, follow them on Facebook @yorkierescuesa, or visit www.yorkierescuesouthafrica.co.za