12th Jun, 2019

Written by Charmaine Booysens of The 9Th Day

Professional photography by Strike A Pose Photography

At first, Bella’s moms, Bonita Bothma and Dane’ Dubs, thought she was just missing. They searched high and low for her, sharing posts all over Facebook and handing out flyers.

Initially, they believed Bella had escaped while their gardener was mowing the lawn, but a conversation with a nearby petrol station manager, and a look at their CCTV footage, revealed what had really happened: Little Bella had been run over on the 4th of April 2019, on Main Road in Krugersdorp.

The CCTV footage revealed an H100 truck stopping, cars still driving past them on the left-hand side. All of a sudden Bella is visible, spinning in circles and not able to walk due to pain. And then, a person “removes” her with a broom – yes, a broom – sweeping her off the road.

Bella’s pain was visible to anyone watching, and the petrol station manager intervenes. Just as he stops the person “moving” Bella with the broom, the truck driver gets out, picks Bella up and tells the manager he’s taking her to the SPCA.

After phoning every single SPCA and vet in and around Krugersdorp, Bonita and Dane’ feared the worst, but kept hope alive for the best. Sharing posts on Facebook, putting up posters, and handing out flyers, they were determined to keep searching for Bella.

Bonita took the week off work to search in earnest and spent a cold, miserable Monday morning, standing at the exact robot where Bella had been run over. Lo and behold, the person who’d picked Bella up drove past, saw the flyer, confirmed he had Bella and that she was still alive!

Prayers were answered!

Bonita immediately fetched Bella and rushed her to the vet. An emotional, heartbreaking trip, especially once she saw how much pain Bella was in. The vet confirmed that Bella had a crushed pelvis and immediately began administering medication and treatment. Bella, you’re one very lucky girl. Keep on being the strong, brave girl – you’ve been nothing but a superstar. Soon you’ll be better – running, but only where your mommies can watch you very closely.

Bonita Bothma and Dane’ Dubs share…

Bella is currently doing much better and is running around more than before. She has vet check-ups regularly, and the doctor says she’ll be able to use her back legs normally in a few months’ time. This, however, doesn’t heal the emotional scarring she’s endured; we hope that with love and attention we can get her back to being her smiley self soon!