A year-end blessing for Binx

26th Feb, 2020

Written by Lauren van Vuuren, Events and PR – African Tails

Binx was found as a stray in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Her finder approached African Tails for help, and despite advertising her extensively, no one ever claimed the loving black-and-tan dog. Binx was kindly fostered by the lady who’d found her. She latched onto humans very quickly; she was incredibly affectionate.

False hope

After a long while in foster care, a lady applied to adopt her. We were so thrilled for Binx – finally, a home of her own. The home was approved and off she went; we thought this would be her happy-ever-after. But, to our deep disappointment, this was not to be.

Two weeks later, her new owner called us: they no longer wanted to keep her, as she’d tried to bite a man who’d come to the house to fix their TV. They said that she was too excitable, so they struggled to walk her. Although we tried to reason with them about giving her more time to adjust, offered options to get help to get her to walk on the lead, etc., sadly, they weren’t willing to even try anything.

A couple of days later, Binx was dropped off at African Tails, along with her little bed and a toy. It was heartbreaking to see that she’d already formed a bond with her “new owners”, and she cried inconsolably as they left. Our hearts were shattered for sweet, gentle Binx.

Into foster care

During this time, we were really struggling to find foster homes; we didn’t know where she would go. Binx would have to spend the night all alone at the office.

Luckily, someone came forward to take her in temporarily. Binx settled into her new “temporary” foster home, which turned out to be a more “permanent” foster home.

She shared her weeks, which turned into a year, with two humans and an English Bulldog named Gus. Once again, she adored her humans. As for Gus, there were a few ups and downs along the way. She’d randomly snap at Gus out of jealousy; she wanted the humans all to herself. This became an ongoing issue that really wasn’t fair on the poor boy.

We then decided to do a Facebook post about the issue and to ask for a new foster and any help with Binx’s jealousy issues. That’s when Chinelle Boshoff from Second Chance Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary (SCARS) stepped up to help.

Chinelle came in like a superhuman and began working with Binx. It was so kind of Chinelle to travel all the way from Klein Dassenberg to help Binx, at no cost to African Tails. Things were looking up, and then, sadly, Binx’s foster parents had an unexpected change of circumstances and were forced to find a new home. As it often goes, this time Binx couldn’t go with them due to the new rental rules. 

A new start for Binx

Binx would have to find another foster home, or better, a forever home. We started feeling really lost and incredibly sad for Binx, as all of the moving couldn’t possibly be good for her soft little heart – but what else were we to do? We were prepared to keep on fighting for her in the hopes that, one day, she’d find her happy-ever-after.

That’s when we asked Chinelle if she’d be able to foster Binx – and have her join SCARS rehab centre so that she could continue to train her. Chinelle was happy to help, and off Binx went to SCARS.

Chinelle amazingly managed to integrate Binx with 30 other animals ranging from dogs and cats to chickens, etc. Binx officially became part of the rehab, along with all the other animals that came to SCARS with some sort of behavioural issues. Chinelle did a wonderful job and Binx became really attached to her.

As much as she settled in with everyone, had loads of fun, we all knew that Binx would still love a stable, forever home of her own where she wouldn’t ever have to compete for love: Binx wanted a human of her own. She ended up staying with Chinelle for two whole years.

Not pretty enough

In those two years of constant advertising, we had only a handful of interest in her. And, every time, it fell through due to the possible adopters losing interest, having private issues, or mostly thinking that she just isn’t “pretty enough”.

This happens often with black-and-tan dogs, and it’s super sad that certain individuals judge an animal on looks instead of going to first spend time with them.

If more people had made the effort to go and spend the time with Binx, she’d have been swooped up long ago, because she was just such a nice dog. She was really the most overlooked dog that I’ve ever encountered in all my years with African Tails. There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t think of Binx; that I didn’t feel sorry for her and wonder if anyone was ever going to adopt her.  

There all along

I knew she was happy at SCARS, and although Chinelle was happy for her to stay, she knew that Binx needed more… she needed people of her very own. As much as I was dreading the day she’d need to break away from Chinelle, I was still in hope that the home that eventually came along would be so right that Binx would settle in very fast and she’d know: this is my home. And on the 30th of December 2019, that moment happened. 

And little did we know, Binx’s forever home was right there all along.

Binx ended up going to live with SCARS fundraiser Bonita as a “foster with a view to adopt”. It wasn’t even a day later and Bonita knew that Binx was there to stay.

The African Tails Team couldn’t believe that Binx finally had a home of her own, and a home that had been right there all along! This specific homing was the happiest and most fulfilling one yet. A dog so misunderstood finally finding that happy ending, and, to top it off, she’s thriving with cats and kittens and rabbits, which just proves that she needed the right home in order to thrive. She also needed African Tails and Chinelle to not give up on her.

Her adoption was the best start to 2020!


Bonita Denton, Binx’s new owner, shares…

Chinelle Boshoff asked me to do a poster for doggies up for adoption and needing foster homes. My fiancé suggested fostering one. So, we went to the landlord to get permission and asked Chinelle for a doggie by the name of Lily-Rose. But everything happens for a reason – Lily-Rose needed to be homed with her friend, and they couldn’t be split up. Since we could adopt one dog, Chinelle asked if we’d give Binx a try, and we immediately agreed.

Binx came on her first day with Chinelle, and what fun this was indeed: Binx ran the whole place flat, and you could see she was really excited. That same night, as all of us were lying in bed, my fiancé said that Binx wasn’t going anywhere… she’d found her last destination. The next day I told Chinelle that we were more than pleased to adopt Binx.

Binx deserves this, as she’s the most lovable doggy ever. She sleeps with the kittens and loves walks at Majik Forest in Bellville. She adores visiting my mom over weekends, and she literally goes everywhere with us. All our friends have learnt now that Binx is part of our family, and where we go, she goes.

When my fiancé arrives home from work, Binx is ready and waiting to welcome him at the door – she gets hugs and kisses before I do (she insists on this)! She thoroughly enjoys cuddles, hugs and kisses, and when I put my shoes on, Binx is first at the door, knowing we’re going somewhere.

I’m glad we can provide Binx with her happily ever after. She’s the most lovable and well-trained dog ever. How she was overlooked is really unbelievable; if people had gone and spent time with her, she would definitely have gotten a home a long time ago!

Binx is our daughter and will be my Maid of Honour at my wedding. We’re honoured to have her as part of our family.