Ina loses a leg but gains a life

14th Oct, 2020

Written by Janet Gericke of Pint Size Media on behalf of Dogtown SA

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Warning! There are a few graphic images that are not for sensitive viewers.

At Dogtown, we’ve become used to, but not immune to, the horrors that humans are able to inflict on animals and in particular, dogs. Fundraising efforts never cease, as there’s an almost never-ending flow of abandoned and abused dogs needing to be saved.

Most recently the Dogtown team was called to rescue a terribly wounded white-and-brown dog that we’ve named Ina, after the person who alerted the team to the dog’s plight.  

She was entangled in wire

The story and the images are disturbing, but as the world focuses once again on humans, with good cause as a result of the coronavirus, we must continue to work tirelessly to save souls like Ina.

Late one afternoon, just as our team was getting ready to go home, a call came in from a lady named Ina and her husband who were on their way to Pretoria when they saw an injured dog on the side of the highway. It also appeared that the little dog was tied to a branch or a tree.

They waited at the scene for the Dogtown team to arrive to show exactly where the dog was. What the team found was unconscionable.

Two of the dog’s legs were entangled in a piece of wire attached to a wooden log. Whether this was the result of a makeshift snare or a deliberate act of cruelty is unknown, but the wire had been around her legs for some time. The part around her front leg had already cut through to the bone, and her back leg was badly injured and circulation had been cut off, resulting in severe swelling. It was clear that her pain was excruciating.

Rushed to the vet

The team rushed her to Fourways Vet, who are always ready and willing to help, and the vet did the best he could. Unfortunately, Ina’s front leg had to be amputated. Thankfully, the vet was able to save the other leg… and her life.

At a time like this, with a diving economy and COVID-19 causing a general decrease in donations, Dogtown relies on its supporters to assist with sponsorships. Despite the current financial stresses, the Dogtown supporters really came through for us and for Ina.

Ina’s initial vet bills have been settled, but Ina will need months of ongoing care and follow-ups to ensure that she recovers and grows from strength to strength. As a result there’s an ongoing need to pay her vet bills, as there is with the rest of the dogs at Dogtown.

Wagging her tail and preparing for a forever home

Dogtown centre manager Wilmi Kloppers is fostering Ina while she’s recuperating, and this brave pup is making great strides every day. Ina’s responding well to the love and care given to her, and she was already wagging her tail after her first night in Wilmi’s care.

Ina’s trust in humans has obviously been crushed by the abuse she’d encountered, and her rehabilitation was therefore both physical and mental. Our highly qualified trainers here at Dogtown worked hard to rehabilitate her and successfully prepared her for a home with a loving family.

Ina needed a home with a family who’d be patient and gentle. She turned out to be great with cats (she absolutely loves them!), and is social and playful with dogs. She’s a bit nervous of strangers but warms up fairly quickly, and she’s gentle with children, which is a bonus. All around, Ina is a wonderful dog and needed a wonderful home.

We knew that because she wasn’t yet quite stable on her legs she couldn’t go to a home with an open pool or where she’d have access to the driveway. She could manage a couple of stairs, but a single-level home would be ideal so that she wouldn’t put too much strain on her front leg by going up and down staircases or slopes.

We were thrilled when we received the adoption application from Linda Morkel and overjoyed when her home was approved. We couldn’t have wished for a better home for our Ina.

Linda Morkel, Ina’s new owner, shares…

I first saw Ina on a Facebook link that my friend Carla Rossouw shared and immediately fell in love with her. At that time, I didn’t follow Dogtown SA’s Facebook page and knew nothing about Ina and her story. But… there was just something so special about this little soul, so we contacted Dogtown SA, filled out all the forms, and went to meet her. 

I immediately realised that my feelings about her were correct – there’s something special about this gentle dog. I didn’t want to know her history because I didn’t want to come from a place of sympathy. I wanted to get to know Ina, and not what happened to her. 

We are “working pensioners” who’ve always had dogs, except for a two-year period when we travelled. But I can’t live without animals, and, last November, we adopted a little Daschund named Dexter (13 years of age) and have been looking after Henna for a couple of years now after her owners had to go away. Ina joined this happy family.

Ina didn’t take long to trust us and then settled in perfectly with our family and home life. She’s the kindest, most loving dog and so playful. WE LOVE HER!

Ina’s story is one of many, but you can help

Stories like Ina’s are more common than the general public is aware of. The Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the cases of animal abandonment, placing shelters under even more pressure to save these animals and find loving and forever homes for them.

Dogtown is a registered non-profit organisation that relies solely on donations and support from the public. Any- and everyone can do their bit for these dogs by a simple financial donation, from as little as R10.00, which can be done by sending an SMS with the word INA to 38919*. It’s that easy. Donors can also rest assured that their contribution will see the dogs receive the best possible care they deserve.

There’s no closing date for donations to support dogs like Ina or to assist other dogs in Dogtown’s care. Every little bit helps.

Dogtown greatly appreciates individuals’ donations; however, it requires the support of the corporate community as well. We’re imploring companies who are operating at full capacity during this time to step up and donate to help save more lives.

Adopt Dogtown as your charity of choice and email Pat at for more information.

For once-off donations, our banking details are:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62240425571



* Network charges and admin fees may apply. There’s no closing date.

About Dogtown SA

Dogtown SA is a non-profit sanctuary for dogs, situated in the mountains near the Hennops River in Gauteng Province. The dedicated team of behaviourists and caregivers provide care for dogs who’ve lost their families or been rescued from dire situations. The dogs are given individual care and attention whilst they wait for their forever homes. There are many wonderful dogs at Dogtown who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves homeless and often in need of care and rehabilitation.

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Ina with her new family at home