Jelly Bean bounces back

22nd Jan, 2020

Written by Samantha Burrill

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

On the 19th of November a joint police operation led to the discovery of a tiny kitten that was locked in the back of a bakkie that had been flagged down. Realising that the kitten was in trouble, Sam Barale from the Muldersdrift CPF gave the kitten water and then rushed it to the Mama Kasi Rural Rescue, as she knew Helga Tsombris, owner of the charity shop, would be able to help.

The kitten was taken to the Muldersdrift Vet, where Dr Michael Sutton diagnosed him with a kidney problem. He was put on a drip and stabilised, and we all just prayed that he’d make it through the night.

I saw the kitten on the Mama Kasi Rural Rescue Facebook page. Helga was asking for a foster home for him when he was feeling better, and straight away I knew I’d be the perfect foster failure mom.

The next day, the vet agreed that since the kitten had eaten, he could be treated as an outpatient, so Helga agreed that she’d take him to the shop during the day and back to the vet in the evening. I couldn’t wait a second longer, and I went to fetch him. I convinced the vet that love was all he needed, and he came home with me to his five dog siblings and a cat.

He was still on formula but was strong enough to explore his new home and make friends with a very special one-eyed rescue dog named Schlossy, who was also rescued through Mama Kasi Rural rescue and has been with me since July. She was rescued from an unpleasant situation with terrible glaucoma in her right eye caused by a trauma to her head.

The little kitten, now named Jelly Bean, has grown and gained some weight, and he and Schlossy are inseparable. I have one of those stories that you only see on the internet happening right in my home. The love between Schlossy and Jelly Bean is so special, and it grows every day.