The Treasured Trio

9th Oct, 2019

Max, Jasper and Berry

Written by Amber Hammond

Professional photography by Nelia Schwim-Cornelius Photography

The three GAPs (more on why they have this name later!) have changed my life in a miraculous way. On the first day I saw the three of them I was determined to nurture them, to heal them, and to make them feel loved. Little did I know that they’d do all that for me too.

When I saw them at the vet on the first day, they were in terrible condition. Their little paws were stained from the urine, as they’d lived in a bird cage for the first six months of their life, they were dirty, and extremely thin.

I took them in to foster them, and, as the weeks passed, they picked up weight, started to clean themselves, and began to play. Every gram they gained was a milestone. 

From that very first day they showered me with unconditional love, despite what humans had done to them. 

All the stars aligned when they left for their forever home – a bittersweet moment for me. I’m so grateful to Lizanne for adopting them together; I couldn’t have dreamed of a better home. They touched my heart, and I’ll always carry a piece of them with me.

Lizanne Penderis, Max, Berry and Jasper’s new owner, shares…

I recently bought a house in Strand. My daughter and I agreed to adopt pets when we moved there, and with our house came a resident cat, so we were looking to adopt one more adult cat – and definitely not kittens.

I saw photos of the GAPs – previously named Griffin (now Jasper), Athena (now Berry) and Phoenix (now Max) – and wanted a female, so I contacted Amber Hammond (HART’s previous Kitten Manager) about Athena (Berry) to find out the procedure to adopt her. She then asked if I’d be willing to take all three to keep them together. I wasn’t sure if I could handle going from one to four cats! I reached out to my parents to see if they’d be able to adopt the boys, thus keeping all three in the family. We went to meet them the next evening, and, once I met them, I wanted to adopt all three.

They were pretty shy at the beginning. Max warmed up within two hours, but Jasper took two days before coming for cuddles. I had a whole introduction plan with them to get them used to the house and the resident cat (Kedi), but they got very curious about exploring the house within a couple of days. I’ve since let them out in the garden when I’m around. 

They love playing, and I constantly have to straighten carpets. All three love to cuddle, with Max and Berry being more inclined to do so more often.

Max is super loving and seeks attention, often for tummy scratching. He always sleeps on my bed with me. He loves playing with toys and is a pro at playing garden hide-and-seek.

Jasper, even though he was the shyest, is also the bravest. He’s a little bigger and stronger, so can jump onto surfaces the others can’t. He was the first to start exploring with heights and property borders and has provided me with some heart attack moments a couple of times. He purrs like a tractor.

Berry is so calm and quiet and follows me around everywhere. She doesn’t mind being picked up and hugged. A real lady until you unleash the playfulness with her brothers. The “attack mode” in that little body always surprises me. 

In a short time they’ve wiggled, purred, scratched and snuck their way into our hearts for sure. It’s impossible not to be crazy about them, and I’m happy to be their forever home after everything they’ve been through.