Doing right by Ted

24th Feb, 2021

Written by TEARS Marketing Manager – Wendy Scheepers

Professional photography by Lucid Dreams Photography

On Christmas Day, the TEARS Emergency phone received a call from a woman who was looking at a dog in the worst condition she’d ever seen. This matted, terrified little dog was scurrying around the streets of a low-income community desperately searching for food. The woman assured us that she’d stay with the dog until we could get there. As soon as we put down the phone, the TEARS Mobile Clinic was dispatched to go and collect the little dog.

Upon arrival, we found the dog to be quite fearful of people; it was likely he’d been a stray for some time. The clinic staff were only able to catch him with a blanket. Once caught, we immediately took him to the TEARS Welfare Clinic where our vet was waiting to treat him.

The little dog was named Ted, and he was so scared of people it seemed as though he’d never had any human contact and had been chased away and on the run all his young life. The veterinary team immediately began treatment. His fur was matted and full of tight dreads that had ripped his skin open, enabling maggots to infest the wounds. He was also suffering from chronic sarcoptic mange and a secondary bacterial infection. Ted was sedated and then the matted fur, mainly around his face and neck, was shaved off (a process that took less than 30 minutes, as his body had so little fur due to the mange). He was then given a medicated bath with Virbac Sebolytic shampoo, and later he tucked into a Christmas lunch of chicken, likely the first time he’d ever eaten it.

Ted remained under veterinary care at TEARS for a month, two weeks of which were spent in the clinic, and he settled in quickly. He was treated with antibiotics for the bacterial infection, along with a tick and flea remedy, and continued with his medicated baths. He was put on a diet of specifically formulated vet food to help protect his skin and to speed up his healing and recovery. The medicated bath and diet helped to quieten the skin and suppress the inflammation. He was then sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated according to TEARS’ standard procedure when taking in an animal. 

Totally transformed, Ted soon found a wonderful home where he’s settled in well, joining another Tears dog, Shelly (previously Sheena), who’d been adopted by the family about a year earlier (look out for Shelly’s story on our Look at Me Now page in March). We couldn’t be more pleased that Ted has found his forever home as part of the TEARS extended family. To say that we’re overjoyed that Ted has so seamlessly joined his new family is an understatement.

Your donations help us to reach more dogs like Ted. He was lucky that we got to him in time – he’s young and has his whole life ahead of him! It’s thanks to your support that we can help animals in low-income areas. Please donate today!

Samantha de Wet shares…

Adopting Teddy

Recently, when my mom lost her elderly dog of 13 years, we started looking for a companion for her remaining younger dog, Shelly (who was also adopted from TEARS).

We wanted a smallish dog that my mom could easily handle when out on walks, but also a dog that could keep up with our energetic and playful Shelly.

Naturally, we went to TEARS in search of a suitable candidate. 

When we were taken to meet Teddy for the first time and were met by a small, very shy and nervous little dog, I was concerned that his life on the streets had affected him, but I was very wrong. 

It didn’t take long for Teddy’s playful, happy-go-lucky personality to come bursting out. It didn’t matter that he was a bit bald in patches – he’d instantly won us over with his playfulness, wagging tail and smiley face. We knew straight away that he was the one.

A few days later, we took Teddy home. Shelly and Teddy hit it off from the start and spent the afternoon doing zoomies around the garden and entertaining us all with their comical antics. 

Teddy has settled well into his new life and is enjoying having a full tummy at night, a warm, safe place to sleep, and loads of hugs and kisses. He’s recovering well from the horrible mange he’d suffered, and his soft coat is growing back beautifully.

We still can’t believe that after such a rough start in life Teddy has truly put it all behind him and is determined to make the most of every day.  

Thank you so much to TEARS and everyone involved in his rescue and rehabilitation.

Judith Day, Ted’s new owner, shares…

I’m extremely happy with the way Teddy has settled into his new surroundings and am very happy that he gets on so well with Shelly and my cats.

I love watching him play in the garden, and he always makes me laugh. I’m overjoyed to have him in my life.

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