Our Granny Ava

22nd Jan, 2021

Written by Antois Ferreira

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Her name is Ava, previously known as “Snappy”. The reason for this name is unknown, as this is not anywhere close to her nature. But, then again, if you tie any dog to a pole and treat them like a slave, they would be pretty snappy!

Too old

Beautiful Ava was brought to Cluny Animal Trust to be euthanised because she’s old. Luckily, because Cluny is a pro-life organisation, this wasn’t done. Instead, she was taken in until a forever home could be found for her.

Having previously done work with Team Cluny for Joseph’s prosthetic leg (read Joseph’s Happy Tale here), I was following their Facebook page. The moment I saw Ava’s post on Facebook, my heart broke, thinking that a perfectly healthy granny had to go through this horrible life, when all she wanted in life is love!

My wife, Andrea, agreed within seconds that yes, Ava needed to come to our home in Johannesburg to come and live a five-star doggy life with her two new best friends, Milo (Malamute/Husky) and Myia, our little Africanis.

A toothless smile

Ava joined our home on the 10th of December 2020 and, without any hesitation, made herself at home. She’s become best friends with our Little Myia, where the playing starts in the early morning hours and only stops late at night when they’re both exhausted.

After she joined our home, we realised that her front teeth – top and bottom – had been ground down, which must’ve been from chewing rocks. The bottom teeth were extremely bad, and we had to book her in for her first dentist appointment.

Dr Anton from Northcliff Veterinary Hospital cleaned all her teeth and removed the front ones, top and bottom. Ava returned home that afternoon… only to continue playing with Myia as if nothing had happened to her mouth a few hours before!

We love Granny Ava

As the days passed, Christmas arrived and, like all children in a house, the dogs received presents. Ava loved her first present, walking away with it still in the wrapping paper!

On her first walk to the park, she walked beautifully on a lead following the other dogs. She also now knows the routine of our household, which we believe our darling Milo has helped teach her.

Oh, and one last thing: when we adopted Ava, we were warned that she has a habit of digging holes due to boredom. She’s not dug a single hole!

We love our Granny in our home, and it feels like she should’ve been here years ago. We’re wishing her many happy years with us.

About Cluny Animal Trust

This community animal welfare organisation helps the animals of some of the impoverished areas of the Eastern Free State. Learn more about Cluny Animal Trust here.



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