6th Feb, 2020

Written by Samantha Coetzee

Photography by GC Productions

The journey leading to the adoption of Kobi was an emotional one.

After the loss of our very old and last of our family pets in May 2019, our eight-year-old son struggled with losing his best friend. It was tough for all of us with the emptiness that now fell upon our home.

The pup for us

I started following a couple of rescue group pages on social media, and it was heartbreaking to see all the puppies that needed homes. Amongst these was one little pup being networked by Anti Animal Trafficking – then called Garo – who somehow tugged at my heart strings without even having met him. It turned out that no one had applied to adopt him, so hubby and I made the decision to share the news with our son that we’d be making an appointment to meet a puppy in foster care. 

The meet ‘n’ greet was exciting and scary all at the same time. Our previous dogs were all gentle souls, and we didn’t know what to expect. This puppy was feisty and full of spunk, with some aggression that we didn’t know what to make of. However, on our drive home, we made the decision that this was the puppy for us, and we were ready to give him a forever home.

And, on the 12th of July 2019, at three months old, Kobi became part of our family.

Lots of love

His very first night with us went surprisingly well, and he was extremely protective over our son. Yet at the same time we battled with a puppy who had some aggression and tended to bite a lot – and not puppy nips. Our son gave him one of his blankets, and this seemed to bring him some comfort (this became Kobi’s blankie). Our first three weeks were tough and exhausting, and we found out that he’d been separated from his mother and siblings before being rescued from a street seller. He’d obviously experienced some trauma.

We worked with Kobi, and with time, lots of patience and love, we now have ourselves an energetic, playful, spirited and spoilt little nine-month-old pup who even excelled at Puppy Classes. He brings with this laughter, smiles, frowns and frustrations, but above all, love, loyalty and protection. 

Like any puppy, he loves the attention and will be sure to let us know when it’s too much or too little. Kobi has no regard for personal space and will snuggle and push his way onto your lap. We can’t be mad with that cuteness and just hold onto him until he gently slides off. He still has his blankie that he carries around everywhere. When he retreats to bed at night, he has the cutest grunts as he drifts off, and once we’re asleep, he makes his way under our covers.

We have our fur baby, our son is happy, and our home is complete again, with new memories and adventures to come.

Being the handsome boy that he is, I entered him into a competition and was lucky enough to be gifted a MuttMix DNA test. It would also help us to understand his behaviour and personality more. 

Kobi’s MuttMix Results:

        Level 2 Bulldog

        Level 3 Belgian Malinois

        Level 3 Borzoi

We were excited to know the results and whether the vet was correct in the assumption that he was a Boerboel mix. When we received the results, we were a bit in shock to find out he had Bulldog DNA, and we had a good giggle, as we didn’t see that in his appearance, but at closer glance he has the tell-tale floppy skin around the mouth and, oh gosh, the drool and flatulence – LOL. The other mix is that of the Belgian Malinois, and this comes across in his physique and his high energy levels. 

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

Often when Bulldog is found in mixed breeds we get a “wow, really?”, as it usually doesn’t present in the stocky build you’re used to seeing, but once you know it’s there, the loose skin, lazy gaze and flatulence (ha-ha!) start to make a lot of sense!