Luna lights up our life

7th Feb, 2019

Jesse, Colin, Luna and Mia

Photo credit: Lauren Setterberg

Written by Jesse Ferguson

Our empty home

I come from a family that has always loved and shared our home with our pets. In September 2016 I got engaged to the man of my dreams, Colin, and that October we moved in together and it was bliss. But after a while we felt as though something was missing in our home, and we all began to miss a companion of the furry kind as my bunnies hadn’t yet joined us as we had to bunny-proof our new garden and settle properly.

Our search began

During this time I’d been ultra-aware of all the rescues that popped up on my Facebook news feed as I really wanted to adopt a furry friend.

But our case was a bit complex: because we love adventuring, the pooch would need to be social with other dogs. It would also have to fit in with my mom’s dogs as it would go to her to be babysat while I was at work – and it would also need to be okay with small animals.

One day I saw a stunning dog on a Pit Bull and “power breed” rescue page; he looked so sweet and so happy, so we made arrangements to meet him. He was lovely, but unfortunately he wasn’t going to suit us as he didn’t like small animals very much. Nonetheless, we still did the home checks and met David, the rescue organisation’s homechecker, who told us that there was a little Pittie pup that was coming in who’d be our perfect fit.

The rocky start

We kept in contact with David and collected our tiny white-and-tan Luna on the 20th of January 2017. But little Luna was ill and being treated by the vet. She ended up having to be admitted to hospital for a week as her condition worsened.

The vet told us to not become too attached as we might lose her, but it was too late: we were so very deeply attached already. So, every day we’d stop by to see my very sad baby, and by the end of the week she was well and we were able to take her home. Our life with her finally started.

But what is she?

We’ve been wanting to get her tested for ages because the use of the term “Pit Bull” is a blanket term for bully breed dogs, and with us being in training with a KUSA-registered club, they don’t really like the term. We decided to call her an American Staffie so we could compete in the shows offered at the club. As it turns out, we were spot on when we did her MuttMix.

Luna’s MuttMix Results:

Level 2                        American Staffordshire Terrier

Level 4                        Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Level 4                        Boston Terrier

Luna is every bit the Amstaff and Staffie in her nature (growing up I’ve always had a Staffie in the family as my mom loved the breed): she is super smart, loves her family, and is really active and friendly. The Boston Terrier we’d never have guessed, but with reading up on their traits, we can see almost all of it in our Lunie, too.

Luna has filled our lives with happiness and fun. She lives her life at 110% and is always happy. She lives to go to training so she can play with her friends and learn new things, and she loves her weekly 5km walks on a cycling trail near our home. She loves her granny, because she can swim in the pool and get away with mischief; she loves her bunny, cat, chicken and dog family; she loves her mommy, daddy and two-legged sister most of all. She’s just full of love.

P.S. Luna also has her own Instagram page called @lunaandherbunnies

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

It’s always fascinating to see which breeds come out when a dog has been labelled as “Pit Bull”. Luna is no exception!

The American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are typically found in the “Pit Bull”- type dogs, but the Boston Terrier just adds that extra bit of personality and the combination has created an absolutely unique dog!