11th Apr, 2019

Written by Hanneke de Beer

Professional photography by Emma O’Brien Photography

Luna caught my eye when we were looking for a friend for our male Bull Terrier, Trompie, at the Watloo SPCA in Pretoria.  

Passing through the loud SPCA kennels that day, with all the dogs going crazy around us, I stopped at Luna as she was the only dog quietly and patiently sitting in front of the gate, just gazing at me. Her kennel description simply said “Bull Terrier mix”, and she was only around one and a half years old.

Trompie has quite the personality, so we’d been struggling to find a good match for him. Luna looked more Staffie/Pit Bull to me; she had a taller, leaner build than Trompie and other Bull Terriers do. She’s larger than a Bull Terrier and is a brindle colour with funny floppy ears.

Although she was quite skinny and shy at first, we felt they’d be a good match. We held a “meet and greet” with the two of them… and it was love at first sight for them. 

There and then, we decided to adopt her.

For the first month or two with us, Luna was quite reserved and introverted; cautious not to give us too much love, probably afraid she’d just go back to a kennel again. But she and Trompie were the best of friends immediately and loved playing and chasing each other. 

We know the Bull Terrier breed quite well, and because there didn’t seem to be much Bull Terrier in her personality, we assumed that perhaps she was more of a Staffie-Labrador mix or something similar. 

It took her about four to five months to fully settle in, and then she just opened up completely – her personality absolutely blossomed through. She’s the most huggable love bundle, spoiled, friendly, sweetest member of the family. She hates being alone and follows you wherever you go – and she has a much rounder figure now due to her love for all treats and stealing food off the counter when we’re not looking!

I found MuttMix on Facebook and thought: “why not?” Maybe her breed history can tell us a bit more about her background and personality, and why she does things in certain ways. So I ordered a kit. Those few weeks we had to wait for her results were gruelling! We even had a guessing competition going in the family of who could guess her breeds, with the most common being Staffie and Pit Bull.  

We definitely did not expect her results to come back the way they did!

Luna’s MuttMix Results:

    Level 1 Bull Terrier

    Level 5 Bull Mastiff

    Level 5 Saint Bernard

We were pleasantly surprised with the results. We would have never guessed the Mastiff and St Bernard. However, the more I read the breed traits, the more it seemed to fit. She’s definitely the active, loyal and quirky/playful Bull Terrier; full-on obedient and protective like the Mastiff, and an absolute gentle, patient and tolerant St Bernard.

To sum Luna up – sweetest and most patient temperament, super smart and obedient, quirky and very lovable! She just came and made our little family complete.

Thank you so much to MuttMix for giving us the insight into Luna’s ancestry and DNA. It was really such a great gift to us, and the service was excellent all the way through; I would definitely recommend MuttMix to anyone. 

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

Another glorious mixture! The moment we saw the Saint Bernard in the mix we just knew she had to be a gentle pooch. Most of the time when a client says “but she looks nothing like that breed”, we tell them to read up on the personality traits of that breed, as that’s usually where those “missing” breeds are hiding. And lovely Luna is no exception!