Our Mutt Jack

10th Jan, 2019

Written by Nicole Kilian

I would like to introduce you to two-year-old Jack. He was saved by an amazing lady called Vanessa Cunningham, from Township Animal Rescue (TAR) in Somerset West.

My sister posted a picture of him on Facebook, and when I saw his little face I simply could not resist! Everyone guessed and assumed he was a Pit Bull cross. It never mattered to us what breed he is – we fell in love with Jack from the minute we met him.

We recently decided to submit a swab to MuttMix, as we were still curious. The results were at first very surprising – no Pit Bull and no Boxer to be found. After reading more about each specific breed – it all makes perfect sense!

Jack’s MuttMix Results:

            Level 2                       Bull Terrier

            Level 4                        Mastiff

            Level 4                        Boston Terrier

            Level 5                        Bullmastiff

Jack is in fact predominantly a Bull Terrier, followed by Mastiff, Boston Terrier and Bull Mastiff – all dogs known for their loyalty, playfulness and stubbornness.

Above all, Jack is very protective of those he loves, and in turn we’re very protective of him. There are so many stereotypes around the “bully” breeds. Sadly, breeds like Pit Bulls are often stigmatised and misjudged because of a few awfully sad stories that have made news in the media. We know for a fact there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad people. I have met so many amazing Pit Bulls in my life and more recently at Radloff Park, where we walk Jack. At certain times of the day, it’s an off-leash park for dogs to socialise and play. Jack loves his other four-legged friends, from tiny Chihuahuas to huge Great Danes.

Now that we know Jack is in fact a Bull Terrier cross, which funnily enough is one dog breed I’ve always feared, we’ve opened our hearts and minds even wider. We adore our Mutt Jack!

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

Most of the breeds found in Jack are actually the breeds you’d typically find in Pit Bull mixes and shows how a lot of dogs are labelled as a particular breed when in fact they’re actually a gorgeous mixture of breeds.