Camdeboo Sterilisation Initiative (CSI) Graaff-Reinet Eastern Cape

19th Sep, 2017

Left to right: Hillary Chaplin (Field Worker); Tess Erlank (Foster Mom) with Peanut, aka the OCD Ball Lover; Erma Voigt (Founder) holding Monty; Greg Kappers (our feral trapper and kitty foster Dad); and Pietie Voigt (Social Media) my partner in crime

Back: Sandra Will (Fundraising) holding Meisie

Written by Erma Voigt, Liaison Officer, CSI

Camdeboo Sterilisation Initiative was started in 2012 by a small group of animal lovers to try and reduce animal suffering, neglect and abuse through sterilisation of domestic pets in mainly impoverished areas in and around Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape.

Curbing animal overpopulation is crucial

In shelters in South Africa alone, an estimated one million animals are killed each year simply because there are too many pets and too few good homes.

Unfortunately, too many people still choose to buy from breeders or pet shops instead of choosing to save a life and adopt a shelter or rescued pet. Also, many people are ignorant about the grave problem and consequences of pet overpopulation and still continue to breed their animals. Others simply don’t care or worry, while still others are really financially not in a position to pay for having their pets sterilised, even at reduced welfare rates.

And that’s why CSI’s main focus remains on the sterilisation of companion animals, although where an animal is found to be in dire need of medical treatment, or needs to be humanely euthanised, we will help.

Our goal is to sterilise at least 100 animals (both dogs and cats) annually, but through the generosity of our kind supporters we have already managed to sterilise 258 animals in 2017 alone.

Reaching out

We operate a feeding scheme that provides dog and cat food to a number of township homes monthly. Owners have to qualify with regards to their income group and we will only help with food if owners agree to have the animals sterilised.

CSI has recently expanded its outreach to small towns in the region that do not have the luxury of any vets locally. Recently, in May 2017, a very successful spayathon was hosted for the small Karoo town of Noupoort where 80 animals were sterilised.

Donations straight to the animals

One hundred per cent of all donations go directly to the animals. CSI is run solely by volunteers using their own vehicles, own mobile phones, and they draw no salary or compensation whatsoever. In fact, in many cases, they also contribute financially themselves. We also do not have shelter facilities, which means no rent, upkeep, or maintenance.  

We are affiliated with Animal Outreaches in Port Elizabeth, so are able to provide tax certificates for donations if requested. Any donations can also be made directly to our veterinary account.

We are proud to say that, since CSI was founded in 2012, 852 animals (dogs and cats) have been sterilised and 321 rescued and rehomed – this includes dogs and cats, as well as a donkey, a goat and two tortoises.

CSI Wish List

Aside from financial donations – any amount helps – there are several things CSI always needs:

  • Dog blankets and dog beds
  • Tick and flea solutions
  • Dog bowls
  • Toys (these need not be new)
  • Kennels (we get lovely sturdy kennels made for R500 each)
  • Dog and cat food
  • Foster homes

For more information on how to become involved or to support CSI, please contact Erma Voigt on 072 1762 175 or Follow CSI on Facebook at